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*OFFICIAL* SmackDown Discussion Thread: 12th September 2017
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The animosity between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon has reached its boiling point, and only one person can perhaps put an end to it: Mr. McMahon!

The WWE Chairman and CEO will be at Sin City SmackDown tonight to address the bad blood between his son and KO, which boiled over last week on SmackDown LIVE. After Shane attempted to stop Owens from again making himself referee for a match, KO crossed the line by insulting Shane’s family.

The insults sent Shane over the edge, as he immediately pummeled Owens, tackled him over the announce desk and continued to throw haymakers before finally being pulled off by officials and arena security. After Owens threatened to sue WWE and the entire McMahon family and press criminal charges against Shane, Mr. McMahon phoned SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan with a difficult decision that had to be made: The Chairman suspended Shane indefinitely as SmackDown LIVE Commissioner.

Though Bryan thought that would have ended the situation, it was not enough for Owens, who vowed to make Sin City SmackDown his personal playground and Bryan’s personal nightmare. KO said there was nothing Bryan could do about it, to which Bryan agreed, but quickly notified Owens of Mr. McMahon’s intentions for this week.

What does Mr. McMahon have in store for Owens? Tune in to Sin City SmackDown LIVE tonight to find out!

An already stacked Sin City SmackDown LIVE has itself another championship battle, as AJ Styles will defend his United States Title against Tye Dillinger tonight.

Dillinger first attempted to answer Styles’ United States Open Challenge two weeks ago, but he was ambushed by Baron Corbin. The Perfect 10 fought off The Lone Wolf and made it into the ring to face Styles in an absolute sprint, but his overzealousness combined with the savage attack by Corbin left him open for The Phenomenal One to trap Dillinger in the Calf Crusher, resulting in a successful title defense for Styles.

One week later, The Perfect 10 squared off with Corbin on SmackDown LIVE, looking for a measure of payback for the attack that may have cost him the U.S. Title. Despite a valiant effort, Dillinger fell short against The Lone Wolf. However, Dillinger’s performance over the past several weeks earned him Styles’ respect. The champion sought out Dillinger and offered him the fair title opportunity he deserved, and The Perfect 10 was happy to accept.

Will Tye Dillinger prove himself against one of Team Blue’s top Superstars and claim the star-spangled championship? Find out tonight on Sin City SmackDown, live!

Naomi will finally get her rematch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship tonight on Sin City SmackDown LIVE when she challenges Natalya for the title.

Natalya shocked the WWE Universe at SummerSlam when she dethroned Naomi to win the championship, giving the third-generation Superstar her first title victory in six years. However, the new titleholder quickly learned that she had a target on her back, not only from Naomi, but from Carmella, who lords her Money in the Bank contract over the entire division.

Don’t miss this huge SmackDown Women’s Championship rematch tonight during Sin City SmackDown, LIVE!

The next chapter in the bitter rivalry between SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and The New Day will be a brutal one, as the two teams will battle for the titles in a Sin City Street Fight tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

Jimmy & Jey Uso have been riding high since SummerSlam, where they dethroned The New Day to reclaim the championship. The twins even defeated The New Day two weeks after The Biggest Event of The Summer in non-title action, earning the right to choose the stipulation for this all-important rematch. The Usos opted for a no-rules brawl, which certainly plays to their strengths. However, The New Day believe that the odds will be in their favor in Las Vegas.

Who will survive this Sin City Street Fight and leave Las Vegas with the SmackDown Tag Team Titles? Find out during Sin City SmackDown, live tonight!
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