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*OFFICIAL* SmackDown Discussion Thread: 5th September 2017
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A monumental first-time-ever battle will determine the next challenger for Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship. Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura will collide for the huge opportunity tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

Both men certainly feel that they have been wronged by The Modern Day Maharaja in their last chances at the championship. Orton’s last championship opportunity ended with the shocking return of The Great Khali, who prevented him from escaping the Punjabi Prison. Nakamura’s title pursuit at SummerSlam was ruined by The Singh Brothers, who distracted The King of Strong Style, giving Mahal the opening he needed to leave Brooklyn with the championship.

Both Orton and Nakamura got measures of payback on Mahal and his crew in recent weeks, but still want the WWE Championship more than anything. Only one Superstar will earn the right to challenge Jinder Mahal. Who will it be: The Viper or The Artist Known as Shinsuke Nakamura? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE!

Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella could get one step closer to becoming SmackDown Women’s Champion when she battles Natalya tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

The Princess of Staten Island has made no bones about it since winning the second Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match – sooner or later, she’s coming for the title. That threat has been hanging over the division for several months, as Carmella waits for the right time to pounce.

Meanwhile, the championship picture changed at SummerSlam, as Natalya dethroned Naomi to capture her first title in nearly six years. Now, the third-generation Superstar is re-learning what it means to be a champion in WWE. Though she teamed up with Natalya to face Naomi & Becky Lynch on SmackDown LIVE two weeks ago, The Princess of Staten Island seemed ready to cash in on her partner, though she may have altered her strategy after James Ellsworth blurted out her gameplan.

However, there will be no pretenses when the two clash tonight. Will Carmella soften up the champion for a potential cash-in, or will Natalya prove that Ms. Money in the Bank isn’t ready to hold the SmackDown Women’s Title? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE!

Kevin Owens made it clear last week that he believes SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon is the sole reason he is not the United States Champion, claiming that Shane-O-Mac cost him the title after the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner took over as referee during Owens’ unsuccessful challenge of AJ Styles.

KO tried to prove his point last week, taking over as official after forcing the referee for the match between Sami Zayn and Aiden English’s match to give him his jersey. Owens may have gone a bit overboard, planting Zayn with a Pop-up Powerbomb, then fast-counting English’s pinfall. Shane ruled that Owens’ decision as the impromptu referee was not official, but seemingly now realizes just how furious Owens is.

Will Kevin Owens continue to antagonize Shane McMahon? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight!

During SmackDown LIVE last week, an erratic Dolph Ziggler promised to show the WWE Universe star power like they’d never seen before. The Showoff went back on his word, however, saying the crowd in Little Rock, Ark., didn’t deserve to see what he had planned. He went on to promise that he would make his big reveal tonight.

Will Ziggler finally unveil what will give him unprecedented star power?
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