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TNA Contract Lapses & Pay
« on: 17 March 2013, 01:22:19 PM »
Roode’s Contract Scare: Isolated Outbreak or Symptom of a Plague Within TNA? | FTW Podcast - Most TNA fans have already heard about Bobby Roode’s contract woes, how he didn’t appear on TV for a few weeks then showed up at Lockdown to perform. Now, I’ll admit, I was getting a little worried that Roode wouldn’t show, but thankfully that fear was unfounded. The worry still remains, however, and it’s because Roode hasn’t been the only talent within TNA to have problems in this area. Last year, Matt Morgan, Velvet Sky, Devon, and Alex Shelley all had their contracts run out, and we didn’t see them on TV after that. Even guys that are high in the company rankings like Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray were rumored to have issues with their contracts.

You would think that TNA would keep an eye on things when it comes to contracts - especially for their high-level talent, but apparently not.

TNA's cost cutting hits their talent in the pocketbook again - Cageside Seats - TNA's locker room is up in arms over the company's decision to pay them for only one appearance at dual TV tapings where they may wrestle twice, which will lead to an effective pay cut for most of the roster, who are mainly on per-show deals.

Yet another issue with pay in TNA, what incentive is there for people to keep wrestling there if they are going to keep getting paid less? Combined with the previous on contracts, surely many must be considering letting their contract run out and either convincing TNA to change this, or just leaving for elsewhere.

Especially when you also remember the TNA rule that talent appearing on indy shows are not allowed to be in the DVD releases etc., basically making it pointless for the indy promotions to book them as they will be able to make nothing back from it, and again taking away a source of money for the TNA talent.

And of course, there's also the fact that Daffney had to take TNA to court to get them to pay her medical expenses... Daffney/TNA Workers' Compensation update - Ringbelles
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