Author Topic: Smackdown Spoilers for January 18th, 2013  (Read 552 times)

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Smackdown Spoilers for January 18th, 2013
« on: 17 January 2013, 01:56:40 AM »

-WWE Friday Night Smackdown starts with Alberto Del Rio's Fiesta. Dolph Ziggler comes out with his crew and interrupts the Fiesta. He talks about being Mr. Money in the Bank, and then out comes The Big Show. Show cuts a promo, and then Sheamus' music hits. He comes out and they get put into a tag team match later tonight, with Sheamus and Del Rio vs. Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

1. Antonio Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston. This was said to be a very entertaining match, with Cesaro hitting a great uppecut before hitting the Neutralizer for the victory.

2. Team Hell No and Randy Orton defeated Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett. Randy Orton was able to get the victory for his team after connecting with an RKO onto Damien Sandow. After the match, Orton hugged both men and that was the end of the segment.

3. The Miz defeated Primo. Miz locked in the Figure Four to get Primo to tap out. I assume this is in tribute to Ric Flair from last night

4. WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn defeated Aksana. It seemed like the crowd could care less about either Diva. Kaitlyn won with her finisher after basically controlling the entire match.

5. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus defeated The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

I can't wait to tune in for another exciting blockbuster tag team main event! Holla holla!

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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Re: Smackdown Spoilers for January 18th, 2013
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Miz vs Primo. MOTYC