Author Topic: Stupidest way you ever hurt yourself?  (Read 586 times)

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Stupidest way you ever hurt yourself?
« on: 5 January 2013, 04:51:16 PM »
What is the stupidest way you ever hurt yourself?
When I was younger (can't quite remember what age) I was out playing with one of my friends on our roller-skates. This friend was then saying how hard my head was and how nothing hurts my head, so he asked me to roll down the slope and hit my head on the corner of the wall... to this day I don't know why I did it

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Re: Stupidest way you ever hurt yourself?
« Reply #1 on: 2 March 2013, 12:25:22 AM »
I was pretty quick tempered as a kid and I was always a hardcore gamer.  I'd say this was back in 1991 or so when I got my first Gameboy.  Like everyone who bought a Gameboy, I had Tetris and Mario Land.  But not like everyone, I ended up buying some Bill & Ted game for whatever reason.  I enjoyed the movie a little so thinking back I have NO clue why I bought the game.

Anyways, I started struggling with this game about halfway in, it got to the point where I died more than I'd care to admit.  Now me being a 10 year old that HATED losing on anything, I did what could only be described as headbutting my Gameboy.  Needless to say I broke the screen beyond repair but I also bruised and cut up my forehead pretty badly and required a handful of stitches.

My mom reminded me of this little incident a couple days ago because all she could do was laugh at me for trying to act like it was already broke before I got to it.... bloody forehead and all.  Luckily I couldn't find a convenient way to headbutt my NES....