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SmackDown Discussion: 2nd November 2012
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Will Randy Orton's recent run of success continue tonight on Syfy at 8/7 CT as WWE's Apex Predator clashes with longtime rival Wade Barrett?

When Sheamus appears on SmackDown this week, it will mark the first time since March that The Celtic Warrior has showed up on the blue brand without the World Heavyweight Championship in his possession. His rematch with the new titleholder, Big Show, is all set for Survivor Series 2012, but how Sheamus will prepare for the encore battle remains to be seen.

Perhaps the one Superstar with more to prove than Sheamus is the one who will greet The Celtic Warrior on SmackDown this week. The Miz may intend to interview the former World Champion during “Miz TV,” but the WWE Universe can likely expect to hear The Awesome One’s latest scheme to get back on top.

Are Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara back on track to capture the WWE Tag Team Title?

Does SmackDown General Manager Booker T have his house in order?
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