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TNA Impact Spoilers 3-8-2012
« on: 29 February 2012, 11:18:48 PM »
Impact spoilers for 3-8-12


IMPACT Wrestling (for March 8 Episode)
-Eric Bischoff, Gunner and Ric Flair come out for a promo. Tonight there will be a tag team match with Garett Bischoff and a Mystery Partner vs Gunner and a mystery partner. Kurt Angle comes out to reveal he is Gunner's mystery partner then trash talks Garett telling him he doesn't respect his father. Kurt promises to make Garett tap tonight.

-Eric Young and ODB defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to win the Knockout Tag Team Titles. Madison accidentally hit Gail with a tag title allowing Eric to get the pin. After the match, Eric Young proposed to ODB. ODB got down on one knee and EY jumped into her arms. Looks like we get another wedding.

-Zema Ion defeated Austin Aries in a Non-Title Match when the referee caught Aries using the hairspray on Zema Ion.

-Bully Ray comes out to the ring. He wants a shot at the World Title. He gets interrupted by Sting who makes Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode after the commercial break.

Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode goes to a no contest. Ray was going to use his chain when James Storm came out and chased him to the back. Storm then hit a pair of Superkicks on Roode allowing the referee to throw this match out.

-Crimson and Matt Morgan defeated Robbie E and Robbie T in a #1 Contender's Match. Crimson made a blind tag and stole the pin from Morgan. The two argued after the match.

-In the ring, we get a promo of AJ Styles. Styles talks about TNA's 10 Year Anniversary and all the friends he made. He is interrupted by Kazarian and Daniels who talk about how the reason everyone turns on AJ is because of AJ. AJ then said he is going to partner with a real "Asshole." Mr. Anderson makes his return and attacks Daniels and Kazarian. AJ and Anderson stand tall in the ring.

-Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and talks about Garett Bischoff finding a partner. He tells the fans to come back tomorrow to see what happens. In reality, Jeff Hardy got food poisoning and was unable to compete as he was Garett's scheduled partner.

-Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love with In Yo Face. Doesn't sound like a good show and Garrett Bischoff is back and will get the main event spot which sucks, and it sucks that Anderson is back

Are you fucking kidding me, ODB and Eric Young as knockout champs, good lord!