Author Topic: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 12/9/11  (Read 723 times)

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WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 12/9/11
« on: 8 December 2011, 05:03:11 AM »
- Thanks to Mikel for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Jacksonville, Florida:

* Tables, ladders and chairs are set up around the ring.

* Lilian Garcia makes her way out to a big pop. The announcers come down but Booker T is attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes. Lilian speaks to the crowd about her return but Cody interrupts her and says he will be the announcer tonight.

* Tonight's show will have a series of Beat The Clock Matches.

* Wade Barrett beat Ezekiel Jackson in the first match.

* Beth Phoenix and Natalya beat Kaitlyn and AJ. After the match, Kaitlyn turned on AJ and joined Natalya & Beth's team.

* Daniel Bryan is interviewed by Josh Mathews about losing to Mark Henry and failing to capture the World Heavyweight Championship last week. Bryan called out Michael Cole and went over to confront him, but Cody Rhodes stopped Bryan and assaulted him.

* Ted DiBiase beat Jinder Mahal.

* Big Show and Mark Henry segment in the ring. Show ends up attacking Henry and they go at it. Show grabs a chair and wails away on Henry with it.

* Sheamus beat David Otunga.

* This week’s cryptic lookwithin2012 vignette aired.

* Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater.

* Cody Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan by disqualification. Booker T caused the disqualification by getting into the ring and attacking Rhodes.

* Teddy Long and Aksana have another backstage segment. Cody Rhodes interrupts and demands a match against Booker T. Teddy makes Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T official at TLC, and adds that it will be for Cody’s Intercontinental Championship.

* Randy Orton beat Dolph Ziggler with 2 seconds remaining on the clock.

* It was announced that Randy Orton will face Wade Barrett at WWE TLC. Orton decided to make their match a Table match.

I don't really understand this show and what the beat the clock challenge was all about. but i am annoyed coming off the biggest win of zigglers career he loses to sheamus and orton the next week.

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Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 12/10/11
« Reply #1 on: 8 December 2011, 05:18:15 AM »
So they had a beat the clock challenge over nothing?

Kaitlyn joining Beth and Natalya? They've turned the Divas of Distruction into boxy blondes.

Cody on commentary should be good, even Bryan vs Cody even though it ends in DQ, glad we'll finally get his match with Booker at the PPV.

Some good stuff here but seems like an annoying show.

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 12/10/11
« Reply #2 on: 8 December 2011, 10:10:11 PM »
Kaitlyn joining the Divas of Doom, boo! She doesn't have the respect and history Beth and Natayla have.She won't get a pop at all.I guess AJ will join Kelly, Eve, Alicia now.I wonder what will Kharma will do when she returns, kill everyone, I hope so!

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Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 12/10/11
« Reply #3 on: 9 December 2011, 06:51:00 PM »
Opening was good and Rhodes interrupting Lillian was funny, good to see Lillian back though.
Barrett/Zeke was ok but the clock challenge stuff was pointless. Bryan's promo was awesome as was his and Cole's shouting match, we saw Bryan lose his temper, a different side to him and it came off well. Rhodes' cheap shot on him looked awesome.
Ryder over Slater was good. I really like Otunga I know most people don't but his gimmick has grown on me. I love the way he puts his hands behind his back when he comes out. Was a bit silly he lost so quick and Hornswoggle can fuck off. Hornswoggle is the worst WWE character of all time imo. Arskana looking at Rhodes would be cool if she became his heel manager/girlfriend character. Would really add something to Rhodes gimmick. Have to say Rhodes has impressed the shit out of me this year, definitely the most improved superstar of the year and hopefully he wins multiple world championship titles throughout his career. Main event just seemed to be the typical Orton match where the one rare time Orton puts something over he has to beat them again the next week. IMO the guy is good but not THAT good, I hate the way the WWE put him and Cena on a pedestal. Plus Orton has the stupidest voice in the WWE does nobody else pick up on that? He sounds like a complete twat in every interview with that deep annoying drawl.