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TNA Impact Spoilers For April 14 2011
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Impact (Airing 4/14 on Spike TV):
 * The show starts with Immortal of Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Jeff and Karen Jarrett, Gunner, Murphy, Rob Terry, Ric Flair, Abyss, Bully Ray and Matt Hardy. Hogan says it's obvious to him and the Immortalmaniacs this is the top talent in the ring. There's a stench of rotten crap though so Mr. Anderson get out here brother. Anderson joins Immortal in the ring. Hogan says welcome to the big show. For the last six weeks he gave him the chance to do the right thing.  He had two choices: do things the hard way, the Anderson way, or do things the easy way, the Immortal way. Instead he spit in Immortal's face so he spit in his face. Anderson says bull. Anderson insults Hogan with his standard gimmick. Hogan punches Anderson and Immortal swarms him and begins a beat down. They hold Anderson up and Hogan says Anderson has disrespected him for the last time.  He's going to regret doing this and probably won't make it to Lockdown. Because, gay boy, you don't mess with Immortal. Bully Ray gets in Anderson's face and Anderson spits on him. Ray beats Anderson down as he's held back. Immortal leaves while a beaten down Anderson is left in the ring.
 * Douglas Williams w/Magnus vs. Orlando Jordan w/Eric Young vs. Jesse Neal w/Shannon Moore vs. Crimson w/Scott Steiner. Shannon Moore started trouble with Steiner during the match and Jesse Neal ran after them as they fought to the back. As the referee was distracted by Magnus and Young fighting, Abyss attacked Crimson and took him out of the match.  Winner via a Roll the Dice to Williams, Orlando Jordan.
 I didn't see what Abyss did to Crimson but the crowd popped hard for it and Crimson was helped to the back by security and trainers.
 * Matt Hardy w/Bully Ray, Abyss & Ric Flair vs. Kazarian w/Beer Money & Christopher Daniels.  Before the match started, Hebner ejected Immortal and Fortune from ringside.  Winner via new submission move, Matt Hardy. He grabbed Kaz like he was going to do a butterfly suplex and then locked his legs around Kaz's waist.
 * Madison Rayne and Tara make their way to the ring. Madison says she hasn't been able to sleep the last 7 days. All she does is lie in bed and rethink last week over and over again. If she had the opportunity to do things over again what would she do? If she could do it over again she'd back that bike up and run Mickie over again. However Tara has forgotten her role and she needs to remind her.  Tara is supposed to do what she says. Mickie is why Tara has a job. If she continues to give her the slightest attitude she'll make sure Tara is behind the makeup counter stocking lip gloss for minimum wage. Does she have something to say about that? Tara says she does. Mickie James's music hits and she comes out wearing a sling. She says if Madison thinks a dislocated shoulder is going to stop her from beating Madison she has another thing coming. At
 Lockdown she's going to finish this. Since Mickie has joined TNA Madison has been making her life a living hell. At Lockdown, inside the cage where there's no way out, she's going to show her how hardcore country she can get.
 * Hernandez w/new guy, Rosita & Sarita & "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero & Jeff Jarrett w/Karen vs. Matt Morgan & Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle. Jeff sent Karen to the back at the beginning of the match.  Angle chased Jarrett to the back towards the end of the match.  Winner after a brass knux shot from The Pope to Samoa Joe, The Pope, Hernandez and Jeff Jarrett.  Hernandez hit Morgan with brass knux after the match as well.
 * Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in the ring. Hogan says the rubber's hit the road, things are heating up and Immortal is taking care of business. So Rob Van Dam, get out here. RVD joins EB and Hogan in the ring. Hogan asks RVD not to make the same mistake Anderson did. Remember when he brought Rob in in March of 2010? The attitude he had only got him so far. Now with his new attitude he's showing RVD takes a back seat to no one. When an opportunity presented itself RVD took it and pinned the world champion Sting and it was awesome. Sting makes his way to the ring to respond. Sting says that is a lie because Rob never saw what Anderson did. He didn't see Anderson lay him out and Rob wouldn't take a win like that. Sting says he's not taking his eye off the issue and that's getting rid of Hogan and Bischoff. At Lockdown if RVD is the better man he could win the world title. If he decides to join these jabronis then the only way he's getting the title is over his dead body. RVD leaves without saying as Hogan does the RVD pose. Bischoff says Sting has had a great career but Hogan has been outplaying him his whole career. And soon, there's going to be a checkmate for him. Sting says maybe, but the checkmate is mine. Sting boots Bischoff in the stomach and hits a Scorpion Death Drop as Hogan begs him not to. Hogan begs off Sting and points to the back brace he's wearing. Sting says he's going to take a move from Hogan's playbook and take care of him on his time, not Hogan's.
 * Abyss vs. James Storm.  Winner via Black Hole Slam, Abyss.  Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray come down and celebrate with Abyss after the match. They get ready to beat Storm down but Kazarian, Robert Roode and Christopher Daniels run down for the save.
 * Mr. Anderson vs. Immortal in a gauntlet match announced as the main event.
 * Velvet Sky is out and she looks angry. She gives Angelina one last chance to talk to her face to face and explain her actions as of late. If she doesn't like what she has to say she has no problem whooping that butt. Angelina comes out to Winter's music. Velvet shoves her twice. Angelina spears Velvet and delivers some blows. Love then grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. She DDTs Velvet on the chair and then Winter comes out and motions for Angelina to come to her. Love leaves with Winter as referees check on Velvet.
 * Gauntlet match, Mr. Anderson vs. ImmortalGunner, Murphy, Rob Terry and Bully Ray are the members of Immortal in the match. Murphy is out first. Anderson beats him with a Mic Check. Rob Terry is up next.  Anderson also beats Terry with a Mic Check. Gunner is next.  Anderson also eliminates Gunner with a Mic Check. Finally we have Bully Ray.  Ray knocks the referee out during the match and then drags Anderson up the ramp. He drags him onto the stage and grabs his chain. Hulk Hogan comes out and mocks Anderson. He takes his brace off and gets ready to powerbomb Anderson off the stage. Sting comes out with a bat to stop him. Abyss comes up behind Sting but he eats a bat shot. Ray tries to get Sting but he gets a bat shot too. Sting surveys the carnage left on the stage and leaves as his music
Anderson going Randy Orton on Immortals ass...