Author Topic: [Spoilers] Smackdown results airing 11th February  (Read 363 times)

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[Spoilers] Smackdown results airing 11th February
« on: 9 February 2011, 02:38:21 PM »
Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo about how it's destiny to become the World champion at Wrestlemania. Kofi Kingston hits the ring and attacks him, setting up Del Rio defeating Kingston with the rolling armbar in a non-title match.

Justin Gabriel pinned Vladimir Kozlov with a 450 splash. The Corre laid out the tag champs.

Drew McIntyre pinned Chris Masters. He dedicated his match to Kelly Kelly.

Wade Barrett pinned Rey Mysterio after the Corre distracts Mysterio. Big Show tries to make the save, but he too is laid out.

Kane pinned JTG in a quick squash.

WWE Divas Champion Eve defeated Layla.

World Champion Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero as the special referee. Guerrero kept trying to fast count Edge. She finally speared Edge and sold that she was hurt. This all led to The Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews hitting the ring in a referee's shirt to count Ziggler out. The Packers all joined Edge to close the show. Great ending.

Looks like a mediocre show outside the ending. I wonder if Vickie spearing Edge is a typo, Edge spears her maybe? Who knows. I hope Ziggler gets a really good showing in the Chamber.

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Re: [Spoilers] Smackdown results airing 11th February
« Reply #1 on: 11 February 2011, 01:26:35 PM »

I avoided these all week and got to watch the show this morning. I was really hoping and thinking Dolph would win. hell he could have a 9 day title run and i would be fine with that. i just hate seeing him lose after they keep giving him chance after chance, i know some say it helps because he looks good in the main event picture but i just don't see that with him losing so much, at least get a win every now and then.

Also vickie saw the spear Edge did on Dolph but there wasn't a DQ. but who knows maybe it wil get overturned next week?

I'm not sure why they had Del Rio go over Kofi on SD if they are still going to do it at EC... unless they aren't which would just leave those 2 off the card which i don't see why you do that when they have a feud. but i just don't like kofi losing cleanly on SD.

No Swagger, poor guy can barely get on Superstars anymore. talk about misused for a former World champ.

I liked the match with Drew vs Masters. that sky high masters did was awesome as was the future shock DDT Drew did. im really enjoying Drew Lately and it seemed like there may be a Edge vs Drew feud ahead at some point with him saying it was Edge's fault kelly kelly got fired.

I Enjoyed Gabriel vs Kozlov. i like how they are using the corre and i think Gabriel,Wade and JAckson are all looking really legit, Slater doesn't really need to but he's not looking bad either.

Kane vs JTG...whats the point?

I Like Booker but im not sure if im enjoying him on SD as a commentator. or maybe its just coles fault. i think id rather see Striker take coles spot on SD to see how that works.

I Skipped the divas but i saw the backstage segment with wickie and lay-cool and it looks like they may be breaking lay-cool up with michelle not taking up for layla.

oh and i thought Rey might have gave Wade his best one on one match yet. i liked the follow up segment too i think it made corre look good and damn Jackson suplexing Show was pretty beast.

OK Smackdown.