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TNA iMPACT! Tapings To Air 3rd February
« on: 1 February 2011, 04:54:36 AM »
Dark Match: Robbie E w/ Cookie def. Josh Daniels

TNA iMPACT! Spoilers for February 3, 2011:

The Impact Zone is full with obvious curiosity over who "they" is especially since "they" aren't who they were supposed to be.

Impact starts with Immortal out (everybody but Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair). Eric Bischoff says they have business to take care of. They sent Scott Steiner a special invitation so come on down. Scott Steiner joins Immortal in the ring. Bischoff says they've known each other way too long. He'll forget about the last few weeks and talk business. He found out a few hours ago that Dixie Carter got a continuance so Hulk Hogan won't be here tonight. That's the bad news. Now even though Steiner's saying "They" are here, he knows there's no "They." Kevin Nash called him and Bischoff told him to take the money. Get a new action figure, dye your hair and do it. As for Booker T, who cares what he's doing? Sting isn't here either. So Scott, be a man, grab your bags and join us. Bischoff extends his hand and says this is his last shot. Scott asks if that's his choice? Bischoff says door one is join him, door two is getting your a-- kicked. Steiner says how about door 3, where I shove my foot up your a--? He says he's known Eric a long time and right away knew he was a piece of s---. He's more of a man than any of these p------ in the ring. If he was a man he'd say yes sir and no sir. So he has 5 seconds to apologize or he'll break his skinny neck. Bischoff says bite me. Kurt Angle and Crimson come out. Angle says Bischoff is a piece of s---. He says "They" are here. It's real. It's d--- real. Steiner, Angle and Crimson leave a confused Immortal in the ring.

The main event is Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship.

Ink Inc. defeated Gunner and Murphy. Ink Inc. won the match by pinfall.

Jeremy Buck defeated Jay Lethal and Douglas Williams to enter the Against All Odds Four Way for the X-Division championship. Max Buck was doing commentary and came to the ring to help his brother.

In his office, Eric Bischoff is freaking out that Ric Flair isn't there. AJ Styles and Robert Roode, among others, calm him down. Bischoff makes AJ promise that Jeff Hardy will get the belt back tonight for Immortal and Styles does.

Mr. Anderson came out and asked Jeff to join him in the ring. Jeff came out and Anderson asked if there are as many bungholes as creatures in the Impact Zone. Anderson talked about how Jeff and him and are similar. Anderson made fun of Triple H. He then asked Hardy if the can have a match between the two of them with no one interfering. Jeff showed a babyface mix here, and they are doing this match for the fans.

Mickie James defeated Sarita. James won the match and was then attacked by Madison Rayne from behind.

Jeff Hardy went to Eric Bischoff's office and made him promise Immortal would not interfere. Bischoff initially refused but finally agreed.

Bully Ray vs. The Pope turned into an angle. Before the match, Ray was treating SoCal Val really bad to the point she started crying. He then cut a promo on Devon, saying the Pope is better than Devon ever was. The Pope then cut a promo on Samoa Joe, announcing it's Joe vs. Pope at Against All Odds. Pope announces he and Ray are now a team. Joe and Devon come out and they have a tag match instead. Joe chases Pope to the back. Ray and Devon are left alone. Devon nails him with a chair and is dominating when referees and security hold them apart. As Ray is leaving, he spit a beer on two fans that were Devon's sons.

Mr. Anderson comes out first and does the mic bit but gets attacked from behind by Jeff Hardy. They brawl down the ramp and around ringside. Security breaks them up and they finally get in the ring for the start of their match.

During the match, a ref is bumped and Immortal hits the ring and starts beating down Anderson, but then The Fortune members stop and attack Hardy and the rest of Immortal. So, "They" are AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money. Matt Hardy, Rob Terry, Jeff Hardy, Gunner and Murphy look on in shock. Styles starts cutting a promo but Bischoff comes out and calls AJ an ungrateful son of a b**ch. Styles says that Bischoff ran another company into the ground but they aren't letting Bischoff do it to TNA. There's a mention that a ruling will be made in March over the power struggle between Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter as well. So, it's Fortune vs. Immortal.

I love the twist, personally. AJ, Kazarian and Beer Money is so much better than the Main Event Mafia would have ever been and AJ Styles as a face again is a huge win in my book. I'm sure it'll take a few weeks of explaining to get everything straightened out, but I'm excited.

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Re: TNA iMPACT! Tapings To Air 3rd February
« Reply #1 on: 1 February 2011, 04:13:32 PM »
So long as it get's explained well enough then i'm ok with it. Pretty much everyone wanted Fourtune to turn on Immortal anyway, it's just that now it's been kind of hotshotted.