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TNA Impact Spoilers For December 16 2010
« on: 8 December 2010, 01:55:21 AM »
* Robert Roode w/James Storm vs. Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley. Winner via spinebuster, Robert Roode

* Matt Morgan is out to the ring. He says he was offered a guaranteed  payday the rest of his career by Fortune or he could do the right thing  and not wrestle Mr. Anderson. He knows he did the right thing. Tonight  he's supposed to tag with Anderson against Jeff Hardy and Kazarian. It's  now on Ken. Morgan did everything he could to protect Anderson but now  it's on him. He wants to know if Ken has his back and is ready. Mr.  Anderson comes to the ring. Anderson appreciates everything he's done  for him but he's a big boy and can take care of himself. Morgan is a  wrestler, he's a wrestler, they're here to wrestle. Does he want a note  from his Mommy? Morgan says no, he doesn't want a note. But he needs to  show a doctor's note to the fans and show he's not lying. Morgan wants  him to look him dead in the eye, shake his hand and say he's fine.  Hardy's music hits and he's on the stage.

* Jeff Hardy says Matt should propose to Anderson because that's what it  looks like is going on. He also says how does Anderson know Morgan  isn't still working for Immortal? He says Anderson shouldn't listen to  the marks in the crowd and think about himself. He and Kazarian are bad  asses and they need to be (3/3) ready. Hardy's music hits and he takes  off.

* For the TNA X Divison Championship, Jay Lethalvs. Robbie E w/Cookie.  Cookie trips Lethal at the beginning so Christy Hemme runs down and  handcuffs herself to Cookie. Winner and new X Divison Champion via giant  neckbreaker, Jay Lethal. After the match Lethal celebrates with Christy  Hemme and kisses her.

* Generation Me vs. Eric Young & Orlando Jordan. Young came out with  the old World Title belt on and two hot women on his arms. Jordan is  wearing a Hooters outfit. Young says everybody knows he's a fighting  champion and his belt is on the line in a battle royal. He throws Brian  Hebner out of the ring. Hebner goes back in, then Young throws out  Generation Me and Orlando Jordan. The real match then starts. Winners  after Jordan made Max Buck tap out to a new submission move, Orlando  Jordan & Eric Young. The girls were Hooters girls. They had on  shirts with a different Hooters logo on them.

* TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament Match, Tara & Madison  Rayne vs. Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher. Tara's arm is clearly hurt  and she has a hard elbow guard on. She can barely move her arm and is  keeping it lowered. Winner after an elbow pad shot from Tara and then a  left handed knockout blow from Madison to Mickie, Tara and Madison  Rayne. Madison was wearing an MMA glove on her left hand.

* Backstage Kazarian is talking up his tag match tonight and then runs  into Rob Terry. Kazarian says he doesn't want to worry him but he's got a  big shot tonight and a lot is riding on this.

* Rob Terry vs. Rob Van Dam. Winner via Frog Splash, Rob Van Dam.

* Double J Double M A Invitational. Jeff Jarrett comes out flanked with  an entourage of Gunner, Murphy and local guys Sam Shaw, Jason Static and  Teddy Stigma. He has Jeremy Borash make the same challenge. $100,000 if  anybody can make him tap. He scans the crowd and finally chooses local  indy wrestler Jay Rios. Jarrett asks him his name and he says Jose but  his friends call him Jay. Jarrett asks where he's from and he says San  Juan, Puerto Rico. Jarrett asks him who his favorite is and he says  Mickie James. The match starts and he makes short work of Jay and makes  him tap to a rear naked choke. These segments are great for crowd heat  and the best thing Jarrett ever did. The crowd goes nuts and every time  there's tons of people trying to get to Jarrett. Security is always on  the lookout now because of how out of control people get.

* TNA Champion Jeff Hardy & Kazarian vs. Matt Morgan & Mr.  Anderson. Anderson has cuts on his forehead and a bandage on it - no  idea how it happened but it does not look good. Winner via Twist of Hate  from Hardy to Morgan, Jeff Hardy & Kazarian. The referee got  knocked out during the match. Rob Terry ran down and pushed Anderson off  the top rope. Morgan went after Terry but instead ate a Twist of Hate  from Hardy.
Looks a pretty shit show in all honesty, although that EY part sounsd fucking hilarious. The character he has going at the minute is pretty damn amazing and it even makes OJ barable to watch.