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TNA Impact Taping Results (11/25) *Spoilers*
« on: 18 November 2010, 01:31:13 AM »
* Matt Morgan is out in a suit. For the past two weeks he beat Fortune to get his rematch against Jeff Hardy. Then he beat the man himself, Ric Flair. Then by winning that he got to pick his own special referee. That way, what happened at Turning Point  won't happen again. A rookie referee got nervous and made a mistake.  But hey, s--- happens. He doesn't blame the referee, he blames himself.  He should've annihilated Hardy so bad he wouldn't be able to move for  three days, let alone three seconds. He needs a man who won't be afraid  to stand up and take care of business. A man who can get the job done.  When all is said and done it won't matter who the referee is, it'll be  all about him becoming the new world champion.

* Douglas Williams' music hits and he joins Morgan. In regards to a referee he says Morgan needs to look no further. He knows what his life with Fortune  has been like lately. He insults each member individually. He says he  was there for Morgan last week and he can depend on him now. Morgan says  he did step up and this is a big decision. He has 10 days to decide and  Williams will be the first to know.  Fortune comes out to the top of  the ramp. Flair says they're both outside looking in. Flair says Doug has made a big mistake going  against them. Kazarian  says Thanksgiving meant to him that there would be lots of wrestling.  So how about Morgan and Williams go find some partners and a corner. Rob Van Dam runs out for the save and Rhino  bails. RVD calls out for Rhino for turning on his friends. RVD says at  the pay-per-view he'll handle things and makes the match a first blood  match.  That way, by the pay-per-view, the DNA of TNA will be DOA for  Jeff Hardy. Kaz says let's go, we have Dixie Carter coming as a special guest and we need to get ready.

* Detroit Street Fight, Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer. Winner  via cookie pan shot and schoolboy, Tommy Dreamer. Lots of cookie sheet  shots, some metal garbage can shots, the usual. Afterwards, Dreamer gets  on the mic and says this is what it's all about. EV2 might be  going down but he went down fighting. We've been friends for a long time  and don't you forget it. You went out there and put it on the line for  the fans. Rhino and Dreamer embrace but Rhino grabs him and spinebusters  Dreamer through a table in the corner. RVD runs out for the save and Rhino bails.

* Backstage, Matt Morgan, Douglas Williams and Samoa Joe  are talking. Morgan says this divide and conquer stuff needs to stop  and they need to stick together. Joe says there is no we and he handles  his own business. Williams says that's kind of mad to do. Joe says you  think I'm mad? Wait until you see what he does tonight in the 8 man.

* Backstage, Williams and Morgan are talking to "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero.  Williams asks Pope to be the fourth member of their team. Pope asks who  the third member is. They say Joe and Pope laughs. He doesn't trust Joe  as far as he can throw him. He's got to much on his plate right now. He  wishes them the best of luck tonight but he has to deal with Abyss. Morgan says what happens when he's done with Abyss? He then has to go after Fortune by himself. Do it now when everybody is together. Pope says it makes sense and he'll see them out there.

* MMA exhibition match, Jesse Neal vs. Jeff Jarrett.  The  referee got knocked out during the match after getting pulled in the way  of a Neal spear. Jarrett uses this chance to smash a guitar over Neal's  head. He locks a choke and body vice on Neal and the referee wakes up  to see it and declare Jarrett the winner. Shannon Moore runs out afterward but Jarrett bolts.

* Brother Ray is out with a new video and song. He says some of the fans and some of the wrestlers are mad he kicked Devon  in the back of the head. His question is, "Why?" Why is anyone mad? He  deserved it. If it wasn't for him he could have retired as champions. Chris Sabin  kicked out of the 3D because Devon is weak. He's put a video package  together to show how weak Devon is and how he's always been the leader  of Team 3D. A video of Devon getting beat up is shown. Ray says  he's embarrassed to even watch it. A loud "you suck" chant starts. He  says he'll prove he doesn't suck by showing the best of Ray. Highlights  of Ray plays while the crowd chants "you still suck." He can't believe  they still think that after watching the video. Ray says he heard Devon  is mad at him and wants to have some words with him. Ray says if that's  true then come here next week and talk. He's not hard to find.

* Backstage The Beautiful People are messing around with someone and holding up one of their new action figures. Ric Flair walks up and starts joking with them. Mickie James walks up and joins in the fun. Then Tara and Madison Rayne  show up and Tara spits in Mickie's face so a fight breaks out. The  Beautiful People attack Madison for fun. Angelina goes to check on  Mickie and she accidentally hits Angelina. Mickie and Tara continue  fighting all over and disappear around the corner.

* Madison Rayne comes out and screams at Sarita for  putting her hands on her. She says this is her show and she's the champ.  She'll talk real slow because she's a Spaniard but GET OUT HERE NOW.  Sarita makes her way down.

* In street clothes, Madison Rayne vs. Sarita.  Sarita reversed something into a quick pin. Horrible match. Madison's shoulder was clearly up. I smell a re-tape.

* Douglas Williams, Matt Morgan, The Pope & Samoa Joe vs. Fortune (Beer Money, Kazarian & AJ Styles).  James Storm  eliminated by The Pope with a schoolboy.  Kazarian eliminated by  Williams via Chaos Theory.  Joe and Pope both tagged themselves in.  Referee asked for just one. They began fighting and fought to the back  and appear to be out of this match.  Douglas Williams is eliminated by Robert Roode with a spinebuster.  As Morgan is mounting a comeback, TNA Champion Jeff Hardy  runs in and low blows Morgan. The referee tries to stop him but gets a  Twist of Fate instead. Roode, AJ and Hardy beat Morgan down as Hardy's  music plays. This match is over.
Not sure what to make of this show, guess i'll have to see how it plays out on TV. One thing I don't like though is how main event after main event it keeps ending in these screwy endings. Just seems like it's the same ending every week.