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TNA Impact Taping Results (11/11) *Spoilers*
« on: 10 November 2010, 03:22:57 AM »
TNA Impact (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* Impact starts with the Immortals out first. They debut new music with a new entrance video.

* Eric Bischoff goes over what happened at Turning Point. He congratulates Abyss for his win. He says Abyss put on a mixed martial arts clinic at the pay-per-view. Ric Flair says this group dominated last night. AJ Styles says it's all about the name and the name is Fortune. He mocks Sabu  and says he's fired, courtesy of Fortune. He says he's sending another  one home tonight and he's crippling Stevie Richards. Bischoff says the  biggest moment was the very first title defense for their champion, Jeff Hardy. Hardy's new music hits and he comes out.

* Hardy says it was just another party for him. He destroyed the hopes and dreams of Matt Morgan.  The crowd chants "overrated" at him. He says he's not overrated, he's  the chosen one. Bischoff says tonight is going to get more excited. Here  is the one, the only, the immortal Hulk Hogan.  Hogan comes out  and joins Immortal in the ring. He asks if you know what it's like to be  surrounded by family. When he made the deal to take over TNA, the one  thing he made sure was to have Bischoff with him. He congratulates Flair  for doing a great job and stepping it up. Hogan has a surprise for  Hardy. A title belt is lowered from the ceiling and pyro goes off. There  is now a new TNA World Heavyweight title belt. It's purple and looks  like the Divas title belt.  Hogan throws the old title in the trash.  Hogan says the only thing anyone can do now is drop down to their knees  and pray. The Pope's music hits and he appears in the crowd. Pope  is telling Eric that he has a casket for Abyss but tonight he's going  to take Eric's old a--, put it in the casket, push it up the ramp and  push him off to watch him crash and burn.

* Samoa Joe's music hits and he appears from another part of the crowd. Joe calls out Jeff Jarrett and the security guys for what they did. Joe says if Jarrett is such a tough shoot fighter why doesn't he come shoot on him. RVD's  music hits and he shows by the commentary table. He calls them all  shallow and calls out Hardy for having a title he never lost. He also  says Hardy has to face the fact he's going to have to face him one day.  As a matter of fact, he's going to make it happen tonight and leave as  champ. Morgan's music hits and he says no disrespect to RVD but he's  getting the shot first. He says he exposed Hardy at the PPV and will do  it again.  Hogan says he doesn't know what he's getting into. Morgan  says he used to worship the ground Hogan walked on but now he needs to  show up. Hogan says he'll go to the back with Flair and give him a  fight. He might regret what he gets though.

* Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde vs. Robbie E & Cookie.   At one point things broke down and Taylor was chasing Cookie around  the ring. This distracted Lethal and allowed Robbie E to hit his  finisher and win the match.

* Team 3D is out for their retirement speech.  Brother Ray says no matter what that was one hell of a tag team match at Turning Point. Devon  says whether you loved us or hated us the fans were always in their  corner. They say thank you for that. So now they've done everything they  could and it's time to hang it up. Ray is going to start a rock and  roll band. Ray says Devon has 11 kids to go home to. So for the last  time, Devon does his oh my brother, testify. Their music hits, Team 3D  embrace and then Ray knocks Devon out. Devon tries to get up but Ray  kicks him back down. Ray slowly walks to the back amid a chorus of boos.

* Backstage Bischoff is berating Earl Hebner in front of  the other referees. He says Hebner screwed up at the PPV again. A new  referee interrupts him and says he's sorry but it was his fault.  Bischoff says why is he interrupting him? Matt Morgan comes in  and says he shouldn't be mad at the referees when he should be mad at  him. Morgan says give him a handicap match against Fortune tonight and  he can let them punish him.

* Handicap match, Fortune's security of Gunner & Murphy vs. Samoa Joe.  Winner via Muscle Buster in a short squash, Samoa Joe. After the match Joe chokes out the guy he didn't pin. During this Jeff Jarrett runs out and hits Joe with a night stick. He and the security guys beat on Joe. Jarrett locks in an ankle lock and Kurt Angle runs out and beats up the security guys.  Jarrett makes a run for it before Angle can get to him.

* In the bathroom, Eric Bischoff is talking to Abyss who is in a stall pooping. Bischoff comments on the smell. The Pope comes out of another stall and knocks out Bischoff. Abyss then comes out and Pope knocks him out too.

* Kazarian vs. Rob Van Dam.  Earl Hebner got knocked out during the match. Ric Flair was coming out with a chair to interfere but Rhino ran down and took the chair. He got in the ring to help RVD but he instead gored RVD and allowed Kazarian to get the win. Tommy Dreamer  ran out and yelled at Rhino as water came streaming out of his mouth.  He went to check on RVD and Rhino hit him with a chair and left.

* Backstage, Pope is yelling at Bischoff and asking him if  he wants to be the Pope? Bischoff is asking for him to stop. Pope keeps  telling him to shut-up. Pope starts putting his jewelery, shades and  doo-rag on him and then makes Bischoff rap for him. Eric raps a little  and then Pope drags him away and says he has a better idea.

* Another handicap match was announced for later of Matt Morgan vs. Fortune.

* For the TNA TV Title, AJ Styles vs. Stevie Richards.   Winner via botched Styles Clash, AJ Styles. It turned into a sort of  short powerbomb. Security and a trainer are out to check on Richards.  Richards might be really hurt.  They put a neck brace on Richards and  helped him to the back.

* Backstage, Pope knocks Bischoff out and puts him in the casket then rolls him away.

* Pope wheels the casket to the ring but Abyss runs down  and attacks Pope. Pope gets the upper hand but Bischoff gets out of the  casket and low blows Pope. Abyss pounds on Pope for a while then puts  him in the casket. Abyss rolls the casket into the stage where it breaks  through.

* Beer Money & Douglas Williams w/Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan.  Eric Bischoff  joins commentary during the match.  Winner via Carbon Footprint to  Douglas Williams, Matt Morgan. Flair and Beer Money ditched Williams  because they were tired of dealing with Morgan.  Afterwards, another  video of Jeff Hardy comes on the screen. As Morgan is watching  it, Hardy runs in from behind and Kicks Morgan square in the nuts. He  hits a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.

* Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde vs. Robbie E & Cookie.  They called it a rematch. I call it a re-tape.  This time around,  Cookie's boot came off before she ran around the ring with Taylor in  chase. Robbie used the boot to knock Lethal out and get the pin.  I'm  told the match was even worse the second time.
Looks like there's some good stuff on here even if it does look to be swerve central.

The new belt is pretty awful though, obviously going to there version of the smoking skull.

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TNA Impact Taping Results (11/11) *Spoilers*
« Reply #1 on: 10 November 2010, 04:06:30 AM »
TNA's Night of Bad Swerved 2010 Part 13.

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TNA Impact Taping Results (11/11) *Spoilers*
« Reply #2 on: 17 November 2010, 10:39:58 PM »
Only just got round to watching this one.

Found myself enjoying the opening promo with Immortals and then the good guys showing up from different areas of the IZ. Morgan, RVD, Anderson, Pope, Joe & eventually Angle is quite a formidable group.

Lethal / Robbie I skipped, no interest in this feud what so ever

3D retirement speech was good, shame we got a SWERVE

Joe vs Gunner & Murphy sucked.

Kaz vs RVD I skipped up until SWERVE #2. Depending how they play this Rhino stuff out (I forget what happens in the spoilers) it could be a good storyline given his contract was legit running out.

Pope & Bischoff segments I actually enjoyed

Nasty looking botched Styles Clash.

Enjoyed the 3v1 handicap main event.

Overall a pretty bad iMPACT coming off of a PPV.