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TNA Impact Taping Results (18/11) *Spoilers*
« on: 10 November 2010, 03:15:29 AM »
TNA Impact (Airing 11/18 on Spike TV):

* Impact starts with Ric Flair out. He has a big, tall hot topic in Matt Morgan. He says it's tough what happened at Turning Point but that's life. That brings Morgan out. Flair says he could have Fortune  out here right now to take care of him. But he's never had anyone do  what he can't do. So Morgan, why not try to beat me, the Nature Boy.  Morgan says wrestling Ric Flair is #1 on his bucket list so let's do  this tonight. Ric Flair says when you wrestle him you're wrestling a  god. Flair throws his jacket in his face. Morgan says he's going to  shove it up his a-- tonight.

* Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are shown in Hogan's office. Raven barges in and asks what the deal is with him being fired if he loses to Jeff Hardy?  Hogan says he's tired of the whining. Why dorsn't he handle his  business? Raven says maybe he will and then he'll come for Hogan and  then he'll come for Bischoff.

* Generation Me is shown walking backstage but we can't really hear the sound in the Impact Zone. Tara  shows up and I think she says good luck to them for their match and  then slaps one on the backside. They smile at her and take off.

* Back in Hogan's office Bischoff is calling Ric Flair certifiably insane. Then Shannon Moore comes in and says he wants Abyss  tonight in a casket match. Hogan says he must be crazy and asks if he  definitely wants that. Moore says he wants Abyss. Hogan says then I  guess tonight you'll be immortalized.

* Generation Me, Robbie E & Cookie vs. Jay Lethal, The Motor City Machine Guns & Velvet Sky.  Winner via spray tanner from Max Buck to Chris Sabin's face followed by a Jeremy Buck schoolboy, Generation Me and The Shore.

* Backstage Jeff Jarrett is talking to Gunner and Murphy. He tells them to be ready outside for a fight he has with Kurt Angle. Jeremy Borash  is there and Jarrett yells at him. JB says he wants to go over Hardy's  ring intro. Jarrett slaps Borash and says he better not screw up his  intro. Jarrett says he better get Jarrett's ring intro right too when he  shows off his MMA skills later. Jarrett berates JB for putting his head  down like the rest of the sheep out there and then leaves.

* Up next is an MMA demonstration by Jeff Jarrett. Jeremy Borash  has instructed everyone to show the proper respect. Universal security  has been instructed to throw anyone out not showing him respect. This is  the Double J MMA exhibition. Six random jobbers in MMA gear are out  first with JJ last in MMA gear. Two of the guys are local wrestlers Sam Shaw (Lupus) and Teddy Stigma.  Another guy is local Eddie Graves.  Borash says the first move is an arm bar. He takes local wrestler Jason Static  down with a throw and performs an arm bar. Next up is a Japanese knee  lock which he puts on Stigma. Next up is an ankle lock. Jarrett says he  knows this move quite well. The crowd chants Angle. Jarrett says Ken Shamrock  taught him this. He takes down one of the guys and puts an ankle lock  on. Next move is a rear naked choke. Jarrett says this has won many  fights and there's one guy who perfected it. That guy is Royce Gracie. He puts a rear naked choke on Graves. Samoa Joe's  music hits. Joe calls Jarrett a sad silly son of a b---- and why  doesn't he show his Mixed Martial Arts to him? Jarrett says he has two  students left. If he can beat them then Joe can have Jarrett tonight.

* Samoa Joe vs. Two Students in a submission match ends in under a minute as he taps both out.

* Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett starts but Jarrett throws the students at Joe and bails. Joe takes all of them out and Muscle Busters one to end the segment.

* TNA Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Raven. If Raven loses, he's fired.  Winner via Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy.  Raven is "fired".  Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer and Brian Kendrick come out to console Raven. Hulk Hogan comes out and says this is quite appropriate. Dixie Carter had the gall to say EV2 was as big as Hogan? Well wah wah wah, what about me? Raven, you're fired.

* After Hogan leaves, Dreamer puts over Raven. He says he  lost to him for three years but learned more then than he ever did. He  might have gone through a lot of wars with him but he respects him.  Richards says he wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for Raven. Raven  thanks the fans and apologizes for letting them down. He says it's never  over, quote the Raven, nevermore.  Dreamer tells the fans to never stop  supporting the wrestlers. He's lost two guys recently and they need the  support now more than ever. Dreamer then calls Rhino out to  explain himself. Rhino comes out says EV2 didn't care about Rhino when  he was going to lose his job. The only person who did was Eric Bischoff.  He gave him a choice of working or being unemployed if he helped EB  out. Rhino at first said to go to hell. Then he realized he was around  before Dreamer and RVD and was pushed aside. Rhino says he takes a  backseat to nobody. Dreamer says he and RVD came here because they  wanted to show that TNA was the best wrestling company there is. Rhino  says they just wanted the spotlight. Now Rhino is only going to think  about himself. Dreamer look what just happened to Sabu and Raven. They're in the same boat against Hogan and Bischoff. If he does this he turns his back on the fans. Rhino attacks Dreamer.  RVD comes out for the save. He checks on Dreamer but Rhino Gores him.

* Casket match: Shannon Moore vs. Abyss.  Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam and was going to put Moore in the casket when out of the blue The Pope pops out of the casket. The referee calls for the bell.  Moore and Pope beat up Abyss until he makes a run for it.

* Angelina Love vs. Mickie James.  Winner via Last Kiss Goodnight, Mickie James.

* Brother Ray is out to explain his actions. Everybody is asking him why? Why did he kick his brother Devon  in the back of the head. Fifteen years ago he created the greatest  wrestling tag team move in history. You can use it at any time to win a  match. That move is the 3D, the Dudley Death Drop. He names tons of guys  that it was used on to win matches. Then Chris Sabin comes along  and kicks out of it because Devon is weak. Devon has always been weak.   He never stood by his side. He always stood two steps behind him. Crowd  chants "we want Devon." Ray says Devon is a nobody and doesn't matter.  He says either of his brothers like Runt or Big Dick could've been his  partner. It's always been about Ray.

* Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan.  Flair got iced before the  match started.  The referee got knocked out very early on and this  turned into a bloody fight.  Morgan hit a chokeslam at one point and Fortune  runs out to beat down on Morgan. Before anybody realizes it, Williams  takes out some of Fortune allowing Morgan the chance to make a comeback  and clear the ring of everybody but Flair. He hits a Carbon Footprint  and the referee comes to just in time to count 3.
Only stuff that interests me on here is Mickie/Love & Fortune/Morgan. The rest looks cringeworthy, but i'll see how it looks on TV.