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[/SIZE][/FONT]Thanks to  for the following results:

TNA Impact opens with Mike Tenay and Taz discussing Victory Road and its  aftermath.

Abyss comes out with his board of nails, which has a piece of raw meat  hanging off of it, and cuts a promo. He named his board "Janice" and  starts beating the meat to death with the board. The crowd chants for  RVD, then chants "Beat that meat." Abyss tells RVD not to worry, because  this is going to happen to him. Abyss actually broke the board because  he was hitting the mat so hard with it.

*Abyss had ripped up the apron so the crew was changing it. While that  was taking place, they showed Taylor Wilde and Sarita brawling all over  backstage. Neither one has the upper hand as the video ends. They brawl  into the Impact Zone and then to ringside. It's a really good brawl.  Wilde tosses Sarita into the first row and chokes her with a purse  strap. She chokes out Sarita to get the win, so it was some sort of  unannounced hardcore bout.

*There's a backstage segment with Kevin Nash and Miss Tessmacher that I  wasn't able to hear clearly.

*X-Division champion Douglas Williams vs. Brian Kendrick is up. Lots of  dueling chants followed by a USA chant. Good back and forth match.  Kendrick locks in the Cobra Clutch and Williams quits. After the match,  Kevin Nash comes out and Kendrick has words with him. Nash chokeslams  him.

Nash demands that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff give him TV time and says  he's a living legend. He said that he is going to make an example out  of Brian Kendrick but Jeff Jarrett comes out. He tells Nash to settle  down or he could end up suspended like Sting. Jarrett tells Nash an  egotistical son of a b**ch who cares about nothing but money. Jarrett  says that since he took care of Nash, Nash got it. Nash walked off,  leaving Jarrett in the ring.

*Samoa Joe vs. Rob Terry vs. Desmond Wolfe. The match starts with both  Terry and Joe beating up Wolfe. Wolfe rolls to the outside and then  Terry and Joe start beating up each other. Wolfe comes and start to take  advantage of the situation. Samoa Joe gets the win via a submission on  Wolfe. The camera focuses on Chelsea, who is none too pleased and walks  off angry as Wolfe trails behind.

*First in a Best of Five Series: TNA Tag Team champions The Motor City  Machineguns vs. Beer Money Inc. Only way to win is to grab the contract.  I guess TNA feels the way a lot of fans do about the teams stealing the  show last night. All I can say is thank you to TNA for giving us more!  Beer Money is out first and James Storm cuts a promo, noting they are  tired of getting screwed. Beer Money wins so they lead 1-0. The match  was freaking incredible. The Guns grabbed the contract first but James  Storm cracked the beer bottle, making one of the Guns drop it and he  scooped it up. Big spotlfest with lots of using the ladder as a base and  a weapon. Way too much going on to describe, but worth going out of  your way to see. I can't wait for the next match..

*Jay Lethal vs. Jeff Hardy is announced for Hard Justice PPV.

*Pope Dinero pinned Matt Morgan. Pretty simple, nothing much to report  from the bout itself. After the match, Morgan attacked Pope and set him  up against the post for the Carbon Footprint but Ken Anderson made the  save. He tossed Pope in the ring, then worked over Morgan. Anderson  tried to shake hands with Pope but Pope, remembering their past, doesn't  shake it. Anderson heads up the ramp.

*Backstage, Madison Rayne is acting like she's above Lacey Von Erich and  Velvet Sky. Velvet gets angry and storms off.

*Madison Rayne comes out to protest the referee's decision at the PPV.  She says TNA has seven days to give her the belt back or she will sue  TNA. The Beautiful People come out and demand an answer as to why Rayne  has recruited the motorcycle woman without their permission. Rayne calls  Sky a dumb blonde. Sky responds in time. Velvet threatens to kick  Rayne's a** when TNA Knockouts champ Angelina Love comes outt. She says  Sky was the one driving the bike which Sky denies and storms backstage,  telling Love that Rayne is all hers. Rayne demands her title. Love and  Rayne begin fighting. The motorcycle woman arrives and helps Rayne. Love  is left beaten down and Rayne leaves with the Motorcycle woman.

*Jeff Hardy pinned Jay Lethal with a swanton in a good back and forth  match. The former ECW crew showed up in the crowd during the match. He  and Lethal shake hands.

*During a break, Jeremy Borash announced they will be doing special PPV  packages for VIPS every month going forward.

*The final segment is an announcement from Ric Flair.

*The final segment is an announcement from Ric Flair.Ric Flair comes out  with AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian. Flair said that the PPV was the  worst night of his career, then announces Styles and Kaz as the first  two members of Fortune. Desmond Wolfe came out and protests, but Abyss  hits the ring so they all leave. Abyss calls out Rob Van Dam. He tells  RVD "they are coming" and once "they get here", no one can stop them. He  tells RVD that he has been instructed to bring them the TNA title. He  says at Hard Justice, they are going to hang Janice 15 feet in the air  and have an Extreme Anything Goes match. RVD and Abyss start fighting.  Abyss gets the upper hand. Ink, Inc. comes out to help but aren't able  to stop Abyss. The former ECW guys hop the rail as Mick Foley appears on  the stage. They charge the ring and attack Abyss to rescue RVD.  Security, agents and TNA wrestlers hit the ring and it's a crazy brawl.  Names like Al Snow and Devon side with the ECW guys and it's the former  ECW brawling with everyone and anyone asssociated with TNA and the crowd  is going nuts for the two sides. Dixie Carter is trying to keep the  peace but it's impossible. In the end, ECW takes over with Foley in  charge. The end was awesome and actually better than the WWE vs. Nexus  angles as everyone fought and no one ran away after 30 seconds.
Going to try and get back into the swing of watching iMPACT again I think so the BM / MCMG could be worth watching and the ECW invasion finally happening will be interesting to see how it comes off.

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Quickly on this.

Beer Money vs MCMG was a rather good TV ladder match, very enojyable.

After having Lethal go over Flair at the PPV, it was fucking retarded jobbing him out to Jeff

The mass brawl was fucking AWFUL but i'll go into that in the other thread I just made