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TNA Impact Results July 8h
« on: 10 July 2010, 07:15:56 PM »
Mr. Anderson opens the show and calls  out Jeff Hardy. He said he hit him with a chair on accident last week.  Tonight he will bring a chair to the ring and we will see who uses it.

Kazarian fought AJ Styles to a double countout following a  Springboard DDT on the ring apron. Ric Flair came out and announced Kazarian and  AJ would have a match at Victory Road and if they don�t work as a team  they will lose. No word on their opponents!

Angelina Love defeated Daffney with the Lights Out. Angelina called  out Madison Rayne who challenged Angelina Love to put her career on the  line at Victory Road, which she did. Angelina said she went to TNA Management and they  said if Velvet Sky or Lacey Von Erich interfere than Madison Rayne will  automatically be disqualified and will lose the title.

Brother Devon came to the ring and called out Brother Ray. Devon  defended Jesse Neal and wanted to get to the bottom of Ray�s actions.  Ray called Neal a punk and said Devon wasn�t loyal. Ray announced at  Victory Road it will be Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal vs Brother Devon and  we will see who Devon is loyal to.

RVD defeated Samoa Joe in what was said to be an awesome match with a  rollup. The ECW guys appeared in the crowd during the match. After the  match, Joe gave the ref a Muscle Buster

Jeremy Buck defeated Douglas Williams in a Ladder Match after  getting a hanging red X.

Matt Morgan and Beer Money defeated Hernandez and Motor City Machine Guns when Roode  pinned Shelley while grabbing the tights.

In the ring, Jay Lethal cut a promo about his mother being sick.  Flair came out and said his mother wants to be with him. Lethal blocked a  slap and the two stared each other down. Flair claimed Lethal had three  days.

Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson in the main event. Afterwards,  Abyss attacked the two until RVD came out and Abyss throws him out.  Eventually RVD hit Abyss with the Van Terminator. The good guys clear  Abyss from the ring a second time to presumably  end the tapings.

I Thought this week was one of the best Impacts in a long time.

The Anderson/Jeff Prmo at the start pf the show was good due to the fact  anderson did all the talking.

Joe vs RVD was great would have been better if it was on PPV had more time and had a better finish but i really loved this match

Kaz vs AJ was also great and i'll say the same thing, would have been better if it was on PPV given more time and had a better ending.

I Actually even enjoyed the segment featuring 3D and Jessie Neal i just feel like Shanan Moore didn't really belong out there.

Guns and Hernandez vs Beer Money and Morgan was also really good and i really enjoyed the ending of the match and it gets me hype for there match at the PPV. also liked the Pre match segment with the guns making fun of beer money though a serious promo would have also worked though that can be done at the PPV.

Lethal/Flair Promo was OK. nice to see it be more serious for a change. but i just don't think Flair knows whats going on or what to say anymore.

Williams vs Jeremy was pretty good, I'm Glad Jeremy won its about time 1 of the young bucks get a win and its also about time doug williams looks like he can actually lose. the match wasn't great but had it spots and got the point across that doug was afraid of heights. would have made more sense for Kendrick to be on commentary.

The main event was ok though i really don't want to see Jeff Hardy anymore until he gets into shape. but what it did well was make me want to see the fatal 4 way. and the end scene with abyss climbing back into the ring for it to cut to black was awesome.