Author Topic: Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time  (Read 422 times)

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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« on: 28 June 2008, 06:21:48 AM »
Pretty self explanitory. You can use Any critiria you want.

1.) Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan (WM 3) - As you can see by my first choice, I will not be basing the matches just from a wrestling stand point lol. I have this at the top of my list because of one moment in that match. Hogan body slamming Andre. One of the first times Hogan was an underdog and he over came the odds infront of over 90,000 people at the Pontiac Silver Dome.

2.) The Rock vs Stone Cold (WM 17): One of the most anticipated matches in wrestling history. Two of the biggest superstars in wrestling battling it out for the main prize. Also, Austin did the unthinkable. He joined forces with the devil himself...Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

3.)Chris Beniot vs Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (WM 20): Even though Benoit committed a horrible crime a year ago, you cannot deny what he had done during that night. He, HBK, and Trips put on a stellar in ring performance that kept me (alot of other people) at the edge of their seats the whole entire time.

4.)Kurt Angle vs. HBK (WM 21) - This match surpassed all of my expectations. I knew that Kurt Angle and HBK were goin to put a damn good match but this was just EPIC on so many levels.

5.) Brett Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WM 13) - This is actually my personal favorite. The first time the crowd turned on the baby face Brett Hart. Loved the way Austin just went apeshit on Bret during this match. What really made it my fave was how Austin bled whil taking the sharpshooter and standing by his word which was to never tap out.
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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #1 on: 28 June 2008, 08:43:37 PM »
I'm not naming my top 5 matches...naming my top 5 fave matches:
1.Trish Stratus vs Mickie James-I love this match. They gave the Women time and a chance to put on a great match and they really delivered. The crowd was on fire for this one and all in all it was just an amazing match.
2.Owen Hart vs Bret Hart-Classic match and I think this is the one that put Owen on the map. The match was a technical masterpiece and really showed how great WRESTLERS both brothers are. Owen to me was the more well rounded as he could fly and mat wrestle. Anyways great moment seeing Owen beat Bret just a few hours before Bret went on to win the WWF Championship.
3.Edge vs Mick Foley-This match had so much excitement it was just crazy. Foley wanted his Mania moment and I'd say he got it here. Just alot of overall entertainment here.
4.The Rock vs Stone Cold-From Mania 17. This match had so much buildup with the 2 biggest faces in the company at the time going head to head. And I don't think anyone saw Austin joining up with McMahon at the end.
5.Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels-60 Minute Iron Man Match. Don't have to say too much about this, it speaks for itself.

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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #2 on: 28 June 2008, 09:33:47 PM »
1. Ricky Steamboat vs Macho Man Randy Savage for the IC Championship

In a time where the IC Championship actually ment something Macho Man Randy Savage attacked and injured Steamboat on WWE TV. Fans were horrifyed as Steamboat held his throat and was wheeled out of the arena. Steamboat returns and faces Macho Man at Wrestlemaina III. Steamboat wrestles more agressive. This is the greatest WWE match EVER in the history of the company. I don't care what anyone says. The psycology and just wrestling was amzazing.

2. HBK vs Y2J at Wrestlemaina 19

This was a true dream match that lived up to expations. If the card wasn't so stacked i feel it would have gotten more notice but its still an amazing match. Perfect.

3. Edge vs Mick Foley at Wrestlemaina 22

I knew this match would be hardcore but i never expected it to go as far as it did and its one of my favorite hardcore mactches WWE has put on. Plus after Edge speared Foley and went for the pin in the first 3 minutes i was pissed but it took off from there.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemaina 19

This match had a electric atmosphere. It was just so awesome and probably the best match out of there entire series'.

5. Chris Beniot vs HBK vs Triple H at Wrestlemaina 20.

This is a match that had alot going for it. First triple threat in WM history. 3 of the companys best workers at the time. And the ending to that match is bar none the greatest moment in the history of the sport.

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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #3 on: 28 June 2008, 10:02:16 PM »
In no particular order;

1) The Rock vs Hulk Hogan. WM X8.
Granted the match wasn't great but it was still good enough and the build-up plus the crowd atmosphere made this a WrestleMania moment to remember.

2) Bret Hart vs Steve Austin. WM XIII.
A classic match. Great action. And probably the single most memorable moment in WM\Austin's history. Bleeding into an unconscious state with the Sharpshooter.

3) Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar. WM XIX. Simply amazing. The build-up to this wasn't the best but the two delivered perhaps the greatest WM match in history and that was with Angle having a bad injury going into the event and Lesnar nearly killing himself.

4) The Rock vs Steve Austin. WM X7. The build-up to the X7 match was probably the best build to a match their has ever been, it was truly Very Best v Very Best. The match was good too and had great crowd despite the crap ending with x amount of Chair Shots though.

5) The Rock vs Steve Austin. WM XIX. I couldn't separate either choice as the better when taking everything into account. XIX was also well built around as this would be the last time they would go at it and both delivered a huge performance in the ring. The two throwing the "Rule book" out the window and using the others moves etc. just made it better too.

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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #4 on: 29 June 2008, 03:55:44 AM »
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock - Wrestlemania 17. I liked this match because it was full of suprises, when Vince came out I thought that Austin was getting screwed over to lose, but you know the magic of the WWE. they turn it around and make Austin a bad guy, great match, solid work I think definetly one of the great matches of the wrestling community.
Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wrestlemania 13. there was some great matches in the past, blood, brutality and technique all at the same time.
Edge and Christian vs The Hardyz and The Dudleys - Wrestlemania 17. A innovative high-flying and greatly demonstrated match up, this contest showed that these three tag-teams are at or once were at the top of their game. Match I thought was MOTN.
Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels - Wrestlemania 21. After the WWF bought the WCW in 2001, there were very few dream matches left. Due to Shawn
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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #5 on: 29 June 2008, 10:25:06 AM »
This is very hard and i will probably remember a lot more matches that i will want to put in this.also i won't go in to detail because it has been a while since i seen most of these its 4:20 A.M where i

1. Tie.Both triplle threat ladder matches featuring the hardys the dudlys and edge and christian.
-Wrestlemania 16 and 17

2. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair.
-Wrestlemania 24.

3. Chris Benoit vs Triple h vs Shawn Michaels.
-Wrestlemania 20.

4. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle.
-Wrestlemania 21.

5. Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior.
-Wrestlemania 6.

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Your Top 5 WM Matches of all time
« Reply #6 on: 3 July 2008, 08:22:18 PM »
1) Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (WM XII) - The longest match in WrestleMania history and you are never bored. I was there, cheering for Bret and was sad that he lost. Now I am a big Shawn Michaels fan and I wish I could go back and cheer for HBK. Shawn carried Bret for more than half the match, and when Bret did take control he was just as great as Shawn. For me the greatest WrestleMania match.
2) Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (WM XX) - An awesome encounter, all three of these men deserve their moment of glory, but the one most deserving was the winner of the match. We all know what Chris Benoit did, but I will not take away that he was a great wrestler. I shed tears seeing him and Eddie celebrate.
3) The Hardys(w/Lita) vs Edge/Christian(w/Rhyno) vs The Dudleys(w/Spike) (WM X-Seven) - I include all of the people who appeared in this TLC match because they were just as involved as the legal participant. Awesome match, there are so many moments used over and over to this day that put over Edge and the Hardys for their suicidal moves. Great use of tables and ladders ever.
4) The Ultimate Warrior vs Macho King Randy Savage (WM VII) - Its hard to imagine that this wasn't a main event for the WWF Championship. Currently both men are not as praised by the WWE because both men are one step shy from crazy. But apparently crazy men make a great match. Randy's best since Steamboat and Warrior's best ever. I love the dramatic scene where Warrior actually considers losing by count-out while the ref tries to stop him, only to regain his confidence and win. A great match.
5) Hollywood Hogan vs The Rock (WM X-8) - This was truly a legendary match. The icon of the 80's WWF era and the icon of the 90's WWF era in an awesome match. To think Vince promoted this match for people to boo Hogan. After all the lies, leaving WWF, the political decisions in WCW, in the end WWF fans forgave Hogan and cheered him over The Rock. The end result with the nWo betraying Hogan and the Rock saving the day was great. I only wished that "Real American" was playing in the end because that would have really been the return of Hulk Hogan.