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June 10th iMPACT Spoilers
« on: 20 May 2010, 04:38:57 AM »
* For Impact, Brian Kendrick  vs. Homicide. Douglas Williams comes out to do commentary. Winner via  kick to the face, Brian Kendrick

* AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Kazarian and Beer Money come out. AJ says as  you can see, Ric Flair is not with us. Due to his absence, he will take  control of the situation. The situation being that they are in an eight  man match thanks to Hogan and Bischoff. Problem is there's five of them  in the ring. Five doesn't work, it's always four. Solution is, Kazarian  is out. Flair's music hits but Jay Lethal comes out dressed and acting  like Flair. He asks if he heard that AJ is in charge? He says AJ will  never be the man because he, Ric Flair is the man. Right now you're  looking at god. Lethal goes on doing the Flair impersonation, drops the  elbow on his jacket and all. He says AJ is right about one thing, there  is definitely an eight man match tonight. He introduces his team: Abyss,  Mr. Anderson and the fourth is Abyss because he counts twice. Lethal  says we're not doing this tonight, we're doing this right now. Team  Lethal rushes the ring but there's too many for them until Hardy's music  hits and he makes the save. Team Lethal stares down Team AJ. Team AJ  leaves as Lethal elbow drops his shirt.

* The Motor City Machine Guns come out to join commentary.

* Roxxi and Rosie Lottalove vs. The Beautiful People. Winner via Roxxi  Driver on Lacey, Roxxi and Rosie Lottalove. After the match Madison  Rayne attacks Roxxi. The Beautiful People beat up Roxxi and Rosie and  leave.

* Bischoff is backstage with Miss Tessmacher and Matt Morgan. Morgan  just wants to know who his tag team partner. Bischoff says you're going  to find out tonight.

* Hulk Hogan is waiting for him at the entrance ramp right now. Morgan's  music hits and he comes out to see who his partner in the tag title  match is. He's not happy he's finding out right now. Hogan's music hits.  Hogan comes out and says Morgan is the biggest crybaby he knows.  There's a reason he's out there by himself. He backstabs everybody.  Hogan asks if viva la raza means anything? Hernandez comes out and  rushes the ring. Hernandez is beating Morgan down. He chokes Morgan out  with his shirt and leaves. The referee gives the X sign and security  rush out with a stretcher. They hook Morgan into the stretcher and go to  leave but The Band's music hit. Security leaves Morgan in the ring. The  bell rings and Eric Young gets the pin. Afterwards they stretcher  Morgan out.

* A pissed off Jesse Neal comes to the ring with a concerned Shannon  Moore behind him. Neal calls out Bubba and wants him to come out so he  can talk to him to his face, man to man. Bubba comes out with a  concerned Devon. Security and agents stay between them. Neal asks why if  he has a problem he can't settle it like a man has something to say.  Shannon basically calls Bubba a douchebag. Devon says he's going to give  Shannon a pass on this one. This is between them and Neal because they  trained Neal. Devon then tells Bubba to get his head on straight and  leave the kid alone. Bubba takes the opportunity to cheap shot Neal.  Security gets in between everybody and Team 3D leaves.

* Kurt Angle is out for a match. He says this Sunday at Slammiversary  his first victim from the top ten will be tenth ranked wrestler  Kazarian. In preparation he's asked the greatest X Division wrestler  there is to come out and throw everything he has at him.

* Kurt Angle vs. Amazing Red. Winner via Angle Slam, Kurt Angle.

* AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money, Inc. vs. Jay Lethal, Abyss  w/Chelsea, Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy. Winner via Styles Clash on Jay  Lethal, AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money, Inc. After the  match, AJ's team all threw up the Four Horsemen sign.

* Backstage, RVD is looking for Sting but Sting finds him first and  attacks him. Sting is wearing a championship belt with tape on it that  says deception. They're fighting all over the place and fought into the  merchandise stand. They eventually end up in front of the crowd. They  fight up the entrance into the ring. Looks like Sting stole the world  belt at some point and that's what he has on. Sting gets the advantage  when he threw RVD into a chair set up in the corner. He beats him down  with a chair and then says "You see this belt pal? It's a deception.  It's yours till this Sunday." RVD gets on the mic and asks if Sting  thinks this is over? He was just pacing himself. Sting is at the  entrance and is to leave but Hulk Hogan comes out and hits Sting and  takes him to the ring. RVD and Hogan take turns hitting him. RVD whips  Sting into a big boot from Hogan in the corner. RVD hits a 5 Star Frog  Splash. Music hits, we go to commercial.
Out comes Hulk fucking Hogan again, is this his new routine :dohw:

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June 10th iMPACT Spoilers
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Christ, not ANOTHER new Four Horsemen.