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June 3rd iMPACT Spoilers
« on: 20 May 2010, 04:30:20 AM »
* Sting is out. He says not  everything is as it seems. Coming from him it might seem ironic but  there's a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. He's been in this place  before where he needs to defend his reputation. He feels he doesn't have  to. He'll reveal the meaning of his actions soon enough. He doesn't  know RVD that well and RVD doesn't know him that well. RVD was just in  the wrong place at the wrong time. When he takes the title from RVD the  curtain will be pulled back and everyone exposed. The arena goes dark  and footage of Sting's recent action plays on the screen. Eric Bischoff  comes out using a crutch with Miss Tessmacher. He has the spotlight put  on Sting. He's known Sting a long time and he thinks Sting's trying to  prove to people that he's a superhero for so long he's lost sight of the  truth. It's not about him, it's about the company, not just one person.  It's about the action and tonight he'll be in action. Samoa Joe sneaks  in behind Sting and Bischoff announces him as Sting's opponent. Joe  attacks Sting but Matt Morgan runs down and attacks Joe. Sting and  Morgan beat on Joe till RVD runs down for the save. Bischoff says this  isn't over and will continue later as a tag match. Samoa Joe & RVD  vs. Sting & Matt Morgan. RVD gets on the mic and says hang on, every  guy out here is in it for himself. He asks that the match be changed to  a four way. Bischoff says he doesn't have that authority, then Hogan's  music hits and out comes Hogan. He says RVD is the champ and that gives  him some pull around here so you've got it brother, this match is a four  way.

* Rosie Lottalove (fucking really?)(new acquisition Mary Kate  Duignan) vs. Roxxi. During the match, Madison Rayne runs down and gives  Roxxi a belt shot while the ref isn't looking. Rosie doesn't like it and  argues with Madison. During this Roxxi schoolgirls Rosie for the win.  Afterwards JB interviews Rosie and asks what was going on. She says if  Madison thinks she can take out all the ugly people one at a time she's  got another thing coming because she's big, she's bad, she's beautiful  and she's got a whole lot of love for everybody. She lays a big kiss on  JB and leaves.

*AJ Styles w/Ric Flair vs Kazarian vs Jay Lethal. Winner via quick roll  up, Jay Lethal. The whole match AJ and Kazarian were arguing over who  does cooler moves or what to do next to Lethal. Lethal got the win while  they were arguing.

* Afterwards Flair gets in the ring and yells at AJ. He gave AJ the  honor of being his protege and he gets beat by Jay Lethal? He tells him  to go home and think about who he wants to be because right now he's not  in Ric's good graces. He continues belittling AJ and telling him to go  home and make a lifetime decision. On his way to the back Angle comes  out and gets in AJ's face. AJ yells some things at him and leaves. Angle  heads to the ring. He gets a mic and says he came to show Kazarian the  proper respect before he makes him his first victim. He likes to let his  opponents know what he's going to do to him. He plans to retain his  belt and Kaz is #10 so at Slammiversary he's his opponent. Flair asks if  he realizes he just past by him? He says he wants his son Reid to be  like Angle, the greatest amateur wrestler. Flair came to Angle for help  and out of respect Angle did. But now they're in Flair's world and  whatever Angle did as an amateur he's done 10 times over. In wrestling  he's a god. He gives Hogan respect, he gives Sting respect and until  Angle realizes that he gives him no respect. He tells Angle to leave. He  says show him respect and leave before he takes his sport coat off. He  says hang on and show me respect and let him show how a god acts. Angle  holds the ropes open for Flair and then attacks Flair on the way out.  Kaz tries to attack Angle but he tosses him out of the ring.

* Matt Morgan vs. Sting vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rob Van Dam. Hernandez showed  up in the stands and distracted Morgan. Samoa Joe grabbed Morgan and  gave him a Musclebuster. RVD then hit Joe with a top rope sidekick and  then gave Morgan a 5 star frog splash for the win. Afterwards Joe and  RVD had words and left.

*Chrisy Hemme in the ring. She brings out Mr. Anderson to talk  Slammiversary. He was looking forward to coming out for a hard hitting  interview, but he's too distracted (he's staring at her breasts). That  doesn't make him a chauvinist, that makes him an a--hole. Everybody in  the crowd called him an a--hole but they're hoping for a wardrobe  malfunction so they're a--holes too. He has a big announcement and that  is that he saw Beer Money didn't have opponents at Slammiversary and  it's not a party without Jeffrey Nero Hardy so it's him and Jeff vs.  Beer Money. Hardy comes out and says people wonder why he's teaming with  Anderson but Anderson is the funniest a--hole he's ever met. Anderson  says he's an a--hole but he's also a cheap a--hole so BYOB. Out comes  Beer Money. Robert Roode says this is cute, TNA's newest BFFs. Roode  asks what either of them know about tag team wrestling? Sure, Hardy had a  short run with his brother but his brother carried him the whole time.  Tag team wrestling is about being a team, like a brotherhood. They're  not a team, they're a moron and an a--hole. Roode asks why they think  they can step in the ring with them? Anderson asks why Roode's hair is  always wet? And why does Storm always wear shades indoors? The only  people who wear shades indoors are blind people and jackoffs. This leads  to a brawl. Security keeps trying to break it up but it takes a while.

* JB says TNA management has said a match must happen right now so we  get: Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm. Winner via Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy.

* Robert Roode vs. Mr Anderson. Winner via holding the ropes after  sitting down during a sunset flip, Robert Roode. They need to do this as  he's no mere mortal but he's MR. ANDERSON...ANDERSON. Afterwards,  Anderson says any man can be beaten on any given day. He also says the  only reason they can beat him is by under-handed tactics and tomfoolery.

* Desmond Wolfe & Orlando Jordan vs. Abyss w/Chelsea & Rob  Terry. Winner via chokeslam from Terry to Jordan, Rob Terry & Abyss.
Rosie Lottalove :lol