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May 27th iMPACT Spoilers
« on: 20 May 2010, 04:27:02 AM »
Taped on  Monday:

* They advertised Half Pint Brawlers coming to Spike on June 2nd. One of  the stars, Puppet joins the commentary team.

* Announced as for Impact, for the TNA Knockouts Titles, Sarita and  Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People. Winner via a claw slam from Lacey  onto Taylor, The Beautiful People. Puppet celebrates in the ring with  them afterwards and smacks Velvet's butt so they beat Puppet up. Lacey  feels bad about it and checks on Puppet. When she does he kisses her.  She breaks free and goes in for more and makes out with him again.

* Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal. Flair comes out during the match and  distracts Lethal allowing Kaz to take over. Winner after another Flair  distraction, Kazarian via schoolboy. Flair attacks Lethal afterwards and  beats on him for awhile until Lethal turns it around and takes over. He  hits a back body drop and clotheslines Flair out of the ring. AJ Styles  then runs out and attacks Lethal. Kaz stops him so he can do it instead  but Lethal dropkicks both of them out.

Taped Tonight:

* Jeff Hardy is out. He's out for a simple reason, to find out what's up  with Mr. A--hole himself, Mr. Anderson. Hardy says without further  adieu, here he is. Anderson comes out and the crowd chants a--hole. He  says maybe he does things like that to confuse you. Maybe to confuse  different people. Maybe it's because he's an a--hole. Look at Hardy,  he's got green hair, sweet tattoos, the whole thing and maybe he walks  down the street and old people call him an a--hole. He tells Hardy to  embrace his inner a--hole. He points to people in the crowd and says  they're an a--hole, he's an a--hole, everyone should be an a--hole. AJ  Styles, Ric Flair, Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe come out. AJ says he saw  he has a match with him tonight and he doesn't belong in the same ring  as him and that he asked for the match. Hardy says he doesn't ask for a  match. AJ says he wasn't talking to him, he was talking to Anderson. AJ  says do you know who I am? Anderson says he does know who AJ is but does  he know who he is? He says let him introduce himself. The mic is  lowered, he does the Mr. Anderson intro and his music hits. Anderson was  cheered and acted like a total babyface.

* Ink Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. The Band of Hall, Nash & Eric Young, non  title. Winner via Spear on Brother Ray from Jesse Neal, Ink Inc. The  whole match Ray was being brutal to Neal while Devon tried to stop it.  Afterwards Ray asks Devon if he's out of his mind. He then challenges  Neal to a match at Slammiversary, teacher vs. the student. Devon gets in  his face again and the segment ends.

* Jason Hervey is here sitting next to Dixie Carter.

* Orlando Jordan (wearing Abyss pasties) vs. Abyss. Chelsea is with  Abyss but is obviously unhappy and troubled. Winner via DQ, Abyss.  During the match Abyss got pushed into Chelsea. As Abyss was checking on  her, Desmond Wolfe came out and attacked Abyss with a pipe. Jordan and  Wolfe beat down Abyss until Rob Terry came in for the save. Abyss  carried Chelsea to the back.

* RVD is out. He's out to talk to Sting and he knows he's here. So he  has a shot at the TNA Championship. You can watch some amazing matches  of RVD to get ready. You can train real hard. But that's not you Sting.  You want to hide in the shadows and ambush me. He gets it. He wants RVD  to know he's a force to reckon with. Maybe he has it out for him since  he beat Sting in 5 seconds in his debut. He knows Sting's  accomplishments. He's had some of his own. It's weird their paths never  crossed but they have now. If he wants to come out now he can show him  what he's got coming. Sting's music hits but he doesn't come out.  Instead, footage of Sting beating RVD with the bat is shown. Sting is  actually in the rafters and says he's going to take the title from him.  The footage is only a small taste of what he's going to do to him at  Slammiversary. Sting's music hits and he leaves.

* Kurt Angle is out and joins commentary. Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy.  Hardy hit a Twist of Fate but the referee had been knocked out from an  errant Whisper in the Wind. Hardy went to check on the referee and Wolfe  used a loaded sock. Winner via loaded sock, Desmond Wolfe.

* Matt Morgan is out. Two weeks ago we got jumped from the back by that  savage Samoa Joe. Next we get robbed of the tag titles by Hall and Nash.  Now he's told we need to find a new partner to get back the titles we  never lost. We believe in helping elevate others though and can turn  this negative into a positive. He puts out an open invite to anybody  come out and tryout for greatness. No one comes out but Morgan sees  Angle at commentary and asks if he wants the shot. Angle finally goes to  the ring. Morgan asks him if he wants to become a star. Angle says  didn't he pin Morgan the last time they were in the ring? Morgan says  he'll slow it down and ask again. Does he want to be his partner or not?  He then takes a cheap shot at Angle and says "not". Security holds  Angle back. Angle tries to get at Morgan as Morgan laughs, then Samoa  Joe's music hits and he comes out. Morgan takes off and Joe and Angle  have a staredown. Both leave without anymore violence.

* AJ Styles vs. Mr Anderson. Winner via crossbody block reversal, AJ  Styles. After the match, Anderson admits AJ got him, got him at his own  freaking game. He thinks AJ pulled his tights. He asks the a--holes if  AJ did. They chant that he did so Anderson attacks AJ. Beer Money runs  out and helps AJ beat Anderson down. Hardy eventually runs out to make  the save. Hardy and Anderson square off. Hardy puts his hand out to  shake and Anderson accepts and shakes Hardy's hand.
Looks like an improvement on this weeks although i'm not sure about them turning Anderson babyface, don't see the logic behind it myself

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May 27th iMPACT Spoilers
« Reply #1 on: 28 May 2010, 06:47:45 AM »
This edition of Impact was both it and miss. the parts i liked i really liked and thought was really good but the stuff i didn't like was just extremely bad.


Storyline with Hardy and Anderson I'm really enjoying i don't know how long anderson will stay face because he's so good as a heel but he doesn't seem to have changed much kind of like Orton so if he stays himself but as a face i think it could work.

Pushing of Kaz and Turning him heel putting him with team Flair. I have always loved kaz and im hoping this push works out for him and so far so good it looks like they are teasing the jealousy between he and AJ which down the road could be a great feud and have some MOTYC. his match against lethal was pretty good and he got the win.

Also glad Lethal is FINALLY being taken as a serious wrestler and getting TV Time andseems to have a good future at this point in TNA

Wolfe vs Hardy was good and i was glad wolfe got the win although it was by cheating it doesn't matter too much he's heel and that's kind of how it works i just wish he would get out of this feud with abyss because its hard to enjoy anything with him and most the time you're gonna lose to him since he's hogans cena.

Matt Morgan promo was awesome! him talking down to Kurt was great and then taunting him and shoving him as securety held angle back then having joe come out there and run morgan off was greata nd even better the stare down between joe and angle. i always love when wrestling shows that history has meant something and these 2 guys have had tremendous feuds with each other kind of like the opposite of kane and mysterio. but anyways im liking what they are doing here with all 3 guys and im looking forward to the joe and morgan feud for the summer though i see them being partners and the PPV.

speaking of why aren't the guns getting the tag title shot at the PPV?? they won the no 1 contendership at the last one. if TNA is trying to do so right by there ranking system they need to make a tag team one as well or at least have the no 1 contenders get the tag title shot...though i can understand that morgan wants his rematch too.

Also a hit that Hogan wasn't really featured at all in the show.

RVD and Sting wasn't really a huge hit but not a miss either. at least they are actually having these 2 interact and feud to build there PPV match and not having them in random matches with other guys and not giving there match any build


HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE stuff with that stupid midget and that show looks like the most stupid thing they have ever put on TV. and then he did something with the knockouts or some shit. yeah whoever is booking for the knockouts just stop and go to that midget show or some shit.

OJ vs Abyss was boring and it looks like Abyss and Chelsea may fall for eachother or something like that which is just something i don't want to see although i do want to see her and wolfe split up because i don't like him being the jerk boyfriend gimmick.

Both Rob Terry and OJ should not be taken up any of TV time anymore, i gave OJ a chance and i even liked him at first but his matches are really boring and he's not really doing anything shocking or anything like that. as for Terry i just see no talent in him and i hate his face. i know that's not really a mature thing to say but its

3D vs the band vs ink or whatever the fuck that was. i like none of these guys. well i somewhat like eric young but not in the position he's in now because he just seems really lame and like he wants to be accepted by hall and nash who are pathetic anyways...well hall is, nash not so much but just the way he comes off now is just not doing it for me he doesn't seem legit like he did in WE. as for Neal and Moore both are talentless fucks and shoudn't be getting pushed and the only reason the crowed likes them is \im assuming they probably try to get to know the crowed and stuff like that or those fans are just a bunch of druggies or losers as they seem. 3D I'm alright with as long as they are in a feud with another teag team that's younger than them with Talent if not buba is still good on the mic but thats about it.


in the end the hits were more and better than the misses for me but i just wsh TNA would see what the hits and misses were and instead of pushing jeff hardys loser sidekick,talentless mohawk dude,boring OJ, Fat Retard abyss and Roid rage himself Rob Terry they would push actual entertaining guys like the guns,doug williams, generation me and Kendrick. and then i would make Red and Homicide a tag team and turn red heel.

oh one more thing. i enjoy beer money being the bad guy tag team and the guys who do the dirty work but at the same time they need to be pushed legitly and actually win matches and make themselves like they belong with flairs group (which btw is the most talented group of guys i think i have ever seen)