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May 20th iMPACT Spoilers
« on: 20 May 2010, 04:07:06 AM »
TNA Impact (Airing Thursday on  Spike TV):

* The show is starting with a segment in the ring about the top ten  contenders.

* Eric Bischoff out w/ Ms. Tessmacher. He knows everybody has been  waiting for the #1 contender to the championship. He, Hulk Hogan and  Dixie Carter are the deciding committee and factor in win/losses,  previous champions and fan votes.

10. Samoa Joe
9. Rob Terry
8. Desmond Wolfe
7. The Pope
6. Abyss
5. Mr. Anderson
4. Jeff Hardy
3. AJ Styles
2. Kurt Angle
1. Sting.

* Everybody but Angle came out on the stage as their name was announced.  Sting will face RVD for the title at Slammiversary. Samoa Joe left  during the names being called. Sting came to the ring and Bischoff  congratulated him on wrestling RVD for the title but tonight he'll show  he deserved it by wrestling Jeff Hardy. Sting smashes the signs in the  ring with his baseball bat then says if he, Hogan and Dixie want change  so bad he should change how he walks and then smashes Bischoff's leg  with his bat. All the babyfaces go in for the save but Sting uses the  bat to keep them all away. Hardy gets the bat and gets in Sting's face.  Hardy then throws away the bat and Sting gives Hardy a low blow. RVD  comes out and distracts Sting while Hardy recovers and hits a reverse  DDT. Hardy goes up for a Swanton but Sting gets away.

* Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne. Winner via cradle DDT stunner type move,  Roxxi.

* Kurt Angle is back and comes to the ring for a promo. He's noticed  some changes since he started here four years ago. He was one of the  elite and one of the best. But with guys like Hardy, RVD and Mr.  Anderson around plus guys who elevated themselves like AJ Styles and  even Jay Lethal he's not one of the best anymore. He says he'd wrestle  for free. It was never about the money, it was about competing and being  a winner. He says he'll be a winner forever. He's at a crossroads now  and has accomplished everything you can do. He's going to start from  scratch and take his name off the top 10 list and wrestle everybody on  the list. He promises to have some of the best matches you'll ever see  and that's real, damn real.

* Orlando Jordan is on the catwalk hooked up and ready to rappel down.  Orlando Jordan (after being slowly lowered down) vs. Rob Terry. Terry is  limping and his left leg is heavily bandaged. Hebner called for the  bell while Jordan had Terry in a front ankle lock. I didn't see Terry  tap but Hebner gave the X sign. Jordan wouldn't break the hold and all  the referees rushed into help. Jordan broke the hold but attacked Terry  again as he was being checked and put the ankle lock back on. He broke  the hold again and left. No announcement of who won. Terry got helped to  the back by security.

* Beer Money, Inc. vs Jay Lethal (as just Jay Lethal, no Black Machismo)  & Rob Van Dam. Lethal and RVD win after a Lethal figure four  leglock to Robert Roode. Ric Flair came out afterwards and attacked  Lethal on the ramp. They fought to the back as RVD watched on. RVD went  around slapping hands with fans and Sting came out of the crowd and hit  him with a chair, beat him up and then left. Hardy came out afterwards  to check on RVD. Hardy gets in the ring and says he makes his living  walking to the beat of a different drum but no one really knows what's  going on in his head. He grew up watching Sting and now he's in TNA with  him. He dares for Sting to figure out what's in his mind now and says  he and his creatures of the night will take him to the furthest reaches  of his imagination.

* Abyss comes out. He says Desmond Wolfe has something, or someone, he  owes to him, so let's do this. Chelsea is brought to the ring with  security as Desmond Wolfe is furious and yelling at security. Abyss says  it's quite ironic because at Sacrifice he made Wolfe his bitch. Tonight  he's taking Desmond's. Wolfe says what we have is a sense of false  security. If he thinks Abyss is taking her he's sorely mistaken and is  taking her over his dead body. He takes out security and low blows  Abyss. He takes a bottle out of Chelsea's bag and breaks it. He uses the  jagged bottle to cut Abyss up. Chelsea is upset and thinks it's too  much. Abyss uses the opportunity to black hole slam Desmond and put  Chelsea on his shoulder so he can leave with her.

* Eric Young w/Scott Hall and Kevin Nash is out. Young gets on the mic  and says he understands the boos. He's got everything and you have  nothing. He's in the Band and you're not. These are the only guys he  respects. Nash is an ass kicker and gets booed for it. The only people  who understand him are Young and Hall. The Band are here to stay and  there's nothing you can do about it.

* Eric Young w/Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Shannon Moore w/Jesse  Neal. Team 3D come out and Jesse Neal goes after them. Nash gets up on  the apron and distracts the ref, giving Nash a chance to hit Moore with  his tag belt. Young then hits a piledriver for the win. After the match,  Neal slides into check on Moore but Bubba takes him out. He slaps Neal  in the face and says he brought him into the business and can take him  out. Devon stops him and says he's overreacting. Brother Ray argues with  him and says he's not. They leave and argue the whole time.

* X Division Battle Royal: Homicide, Amazing Red, Generation Me, Brian  Kendrick, Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns. Order of  elimination: Amazing Red, Max Buck, Alex Shelley, Jeremy Buck, Chris  Sabin, Homicide and Brian Kendrick. Winner: Kazarian

* Sting vs. Jeff Hardy. The ref got knocked out. During this Sting went  for a Scorpion Death Drop but Mr. Anderson gave Sting one instead. Hardy  made the cover and got the pin. Anderson tries to celebrate the win  with Hardy but Hardy pushes him away and they argue. Anderson goes into  his pose for the mic to come down but Sting hits him and Hardy with his  bat and takes off.

Looks far from a great iMPACT in all honesty although Bischoff getting smashed in by Sting sounds fun lol

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May 20th iMPACT Spoilers
« Reply #1 on: 20 May 2010, 07:08:43 AM »
Why is Sting main eventing Slammiversary again? This is a match noone wants to see. Plus Sting has main evented the past 3? Slammiversary's? Hes becoming the Undertaker of TNA with his one off title runs and its becoming annoying.

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May 20th iMPACT Spoilers
« Reply #2 on: 28 May 2010, 06:53:25 AM »
Quote from: THE Lioncock;41497
Why is Sting main eventing Slammiversary again? This is a match noone wants to see. Plus Sting has main evented the past 3? Slammiversary's? Hes becoming the Undertaker of TNA with his one off title runs and its becoming annoying.

well the problem really is that he's main evented the last 4 Bound for Glory PPV's. usually there is a KOTM match to main event slamiversary so its 5 guys so its not like its really all about 1 guy.

i can see why they are putting RVD vs Sting because they are 2 well known names and they are desperate for attention and buys but at the same time its not the smart thing to do and i think people would much rather see a different challenger than Sting.

Also i guess Jarrett will be out for a while since he wasn't in the top 10 and wasn't on this weeks impact.

I won't comment much on the show since its last weeks but i didn't find this edition of impact to be that good myself. i liked the booking of Kaz and i liked the tag team match with lethal and rvd vs beer money but besides that i can't remember enjoying too much.