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TNA iMPACT Tapings for 3/04/10
« on: 18 February 2010, 04:11:38 AM »
* AJ Styles and Ric Flair come out first. There are a lot of ladies with them again. Flair says he's overwhelmed at all this talent. They've had time to think about last week with Hulk Hogan. They want Hogan out so they can give him a present and give back to TNA. Hogan and Abyss come out. Flair asks if he can assume that this will be peaceful. Hogan says he's got nothing to worry about because this is not the time for it. Flair wants to apologize for their bad judgment and actions. Flair offers Hogan all his ladies but says Abyss gets nothing. Hogan says he doesn't want anything fro Flair, not a beer or one of his hits of Viagra.

Hogan said he promised everybody not to step in the ring and help TNA get to the top. But after what they did, he and Abyss are getting in the ring to take Flair and the wannabe Flair to school. Flair says if that's what he wants then he'll do it. He said the one thing he never did was beat Hogan on national TV. AJ says Hogan had it all when he wrestled. Now AJ is the champ. AJ says it's time to get out of here and train. Bischoff comes out and says AJ has business to take care of tonight. AJ vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. The Pope vs. Abyss is happening tonight.

* Angelina Love is out. She calls Velvet Sky a bitch and says she's not leaving until she gets out here. Velvet comes out wielding a pink belt. Angelina goes after her and beats her all over the place. Angelina brings her in the ring and delivers a scissor kick. She takes the belt and is going to use it until the rest of the Beautiful People run out. They hold Angelina down so Velvet can whip her with the belt. They beat on her and then pose to their music and leave.

* Mr. Anderson is out dressed as Angle with a bald cap, mouth guard, fake tan and a tag that says loser. He says he's the best wrestler as well as the most injury prone wrestler in the world today. He said he broke his neck tying his shoe and from walking his dog. He said he did it while taking a dump and drinking a Yoohoo and however else. He said he had serious business to discuss. Mr. Anderson cut his head but in reality he just wants sympathy. Angle comes out and attacks Anderson. Anderson bails to the outside and throws a beer in Angle's face. He then Angle Slams him in the ring, takes the bald caps off and snaps it on Angle. Anderson takes Angle's tags and leaves.

* Tomko vs. Jeff Jarrett with no music or pyro. Winner via sunset flip out out of the corner, Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett got busted open hardway at some point during the match.

* Four Corners Match for the TNA Championship, Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Diners vs. Abyss vs. AJ Styles w/Ric Flair. Pope's ankle is still injured. Flair uses a chair on it white the referee is distracted during the match. Winner via Figure Four leg lock on The Pope, AJ Styles. After the match, AJ, Flair and Wolfe take turns working over Pope's ankle. Abyss makes the save until Flair uses the barbwire bat on Abyss. They then take turns beating him up.

Hogan comes out for the save and uses the bat on Flair and busts him open. Security and agents Dave Taylor and Pat Kenney come out to stop Hogan but he's beating up everybody. They finally get control. Hogan gets a mic and says in four days it's on. Pope, Hogan and Abyss are in the ring being held back. Pope breaks free and goes after AJ but gets stopped. He breaks free again but gets stopped. Now AJ and Wolfe break free and try to attack but get stopped. Hogan has the belt and is posing with it but AJ rushes in and attacks. Free for all again. Pope gets the bat and swings it wildly and that clears the ring to end Impact.

Looks as if it's missing a part which I would imagine is one of the Rob Terry matches from the 25th.

The whole build between Hogan/Abyss/Pope & Flair/AJ seems to be coming along nicely although I can't get my head around them wanting to use Abyss as the guy to get a big rub from Hogan.

The Anderson/Angle segment sounds funny as hell and the four corners match could be very good on paper if it's given time