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TNA 1 Month On
« on: 8 February 2010, 01:39:09 AM »
So since the 'Orlando Screwjob' episode i've been tuning into TNA to try and get into the programming, to see if the Hogan & Bischoff era could be the dawn of a new era for TNA but as of yet i've yet to be impressed by the vast majority of the program.

They should practice what they preach with this whole 'We Are Wrestling' shtick because from what i've seen so far, because at best is comparable to a standard RAW that gets shat on by the IWC. Infact the best piece of action i've seen in my 3 weeks of watching iMPACT was the six man tag on the 28th Januart with Generation Me & Red vs MCMG & Kendrick and that was just a two and a half minute spotfest with no storytelling whatsoever.

Where's the focus on the X-Divison? Where's the vastly superior to the Diva's, KO Division?

Just some random observations aswell i'm gonna throw out there.

AJ Styles pairing with Flair just seems awkward as he doesn't have the charisma to pull it off from what i've seen. He just seems like a natural babyface who can be over for his 'phenomenal' in-ring style but surely by pairing himself with Flair he's going to have to become alot more dirty and lose the high flying action which is the reason why people even liked him in the first place.

From what i've read, Hogan & Bischoff are high on The Pope, but how does he go from losing on PPV to Wolfe, to losing on iMPACT to Orlando Jordan (URGH) to beating the World Champ? Seems very strange to me.

Kevin Nash vs Mick Foley as your main event, seriously? That was a fucking abortion of a "match" Never ever do that again.

I'm going to give them a chance and keep watching for a while yet as it seems as though they are trying to use alot of the guys they have to try an assess them so right now they have no clear direction until they presumably make some roster cuts, but that doesn't make up for the sub-par in ring action.

What are your thoughts since this dawning of a new era?

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TNA 1 Month On
« Reply #1 on: 8 February 2010, 03:06:13 AM »
It's been ok. Better than it was this time last year but not as good as it was post BFG up until hogan got there. they just haven't been giving the guys enough time in the ring on a weekly basis and there roster is too big for 1 show and they try to get as much as they can in there.

They have been done we the "we our wrestling" catchline for going on 2 years now though.

On the up side it has seemed more exciting and unpredictible though that's not always a good thing because you need to stay steady with what you're doing you can't have a guy be a face one week and a heel the next or have a feud where people don't even know who the good guys or bad guys is.

And you got to do away with the old washed up bastards.
Nasty Boys
Val Venis
Orlando Jordan

at least guys like hall and nash have star power, these guys highest spot was mid card at best over a decade ago.

You're right about AJ. this gimmick is just not him and TNA fans know it, they have watched AJ Grow and they know what type of guy he is in the ring and out of the irng and they know this just isn't him. flair would have been better off with wolfe,daniels or Anderson. but this thing hasnt had much time and if you asked me if i would ever think ortonw ould be who he is now from the time he started i wouldn't have believed it, maybe AJ Can develop into this heel role, he doesn't need all the spots he's still great without them, I just hope all his matches don't end JBL Style (dirty)

the KO division hasn't been much the past few weeks because they keep putting TBP in the ring which is not necessary, if anyone should cut ring time for non ring time its them.

and Finall the x division sadly died a long time ago. the last horah for the XD was probably the world x cup of 2008....maybe this years x cup will bring it back to life but i doubt it with hogan in charge, he doesn't seem to care about the x division at all.