Author Topic: TNA beats WWE in ratings in the UK  (Read 756 times)

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Quote from: The Original Story on Website
The WWE/TNA ratings battle in the UK is much closer than in the US, with TNA occasionally coming out on top. They beat Raw and Smackdown in the last week of July. However, it should be noted that TNA iMPACT's timeslot is much more favorable than WWE RAW or Smackdown's.

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Fact is SmackDown is on Friday night at 9pm. iMPACT is on Saturday night at 9pm. And I was so annoyed I wrote a reply to a site (WrestleView) which posted it...

Quote from: My Post on WrestleView
In regards to a previous comment on's story about TNA beating WWE in the UK ratings and how both WWE's shows are in considerably favourable time slots I thought it should be noted that RAW is shown at 2am on a Tuesday Morning (this is still LIVE though) while iMPACT is shown on Saturday night at 9pm. SmackDown is shown on the Friday night at 9pm.

Therefore I think it's highly laughable that someone suggest that iMPACT has a much more favourable timeslot than SmackDown considering Saturday nights in the UK tend to be when most people go out and by a big margin and therefore unavailable to watch television. It's at least on par if not in an inferior timeslot however there is no doubt that RAW's viewership number does indeed suffer from the fact it's on at 2am.

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Monday Night RAW completely blows iMPACT out of the water in terms of complete ratings. It's the SmackDown/iMPACT ratings comparison what is a joke. They are both on at the same time, both on a weekend night, iMPACT is on the Saturday where like [MEMBER NAME] said "people are on the piss" yet they (SITES) think its still in a less favorable slot. Hence the topic title. (Favorable MY ASS) If RAW had an iMPACT or SmackDown slot they would probably average 100,000 no problem.

'nuff said. Ta-ra.

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TNA beats WWE in ratings in the UK
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TNA beats WWE in ratings in the UK
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The 8/13 episode of TNA Impact drew a final 1.04 rating, making it the lowest number the show has drawn since New Year's Day. TNA has to be concerned with this number considering this was the go-home show for the Hard Justice PPV.

I felt this was the best place to put this even though this has nothing to do with UK ratings.

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.