Author Topic: WWE Supplemental Draft--- CONFIRMED  (Read 745 times)

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WWE Supplemental Draft--- CONFIRMED
« Reply #15 on: 26 June 2008, 12:28:27 AM »
Quote from: Mr.Cannon;2574
Carlito won't go anywhere. That is for the same reason Vince won't relaease him, you will keep the guy who speaks Spainsh on you flagship show where he can help you draw more viewers.

I would lke to see Super Crazy on ECW and start a tag team with Evan Bourne called BOURNE CRAZY.........

Say what? :tongue

RAW has Rey Rey now, and he's more popular than Carlito. + Smackdown is moving to a different network and it seems to me like they have different priorities than the black and latino demographic concerning that.

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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WWE Supplemental Draft--- CONFIRMED
« Reply #16 on: 26 June 2008, 07:46:24 AM »
Well I really find the supplemental draft to be a bit of a letdown.
 Basically what we have is all of RAW moving to Smackdown and Vice Versa. mean yeah it balances a lot more, but still...I mean I wish they'd drafted Elijah Burke, unless they're planning to do something with him on ECW.

Interesting that they split Londrick up, not that it makes a huge difference anyway lol.
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