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ECW Results 6/30/09
« on: 2 July 2009, 01:20:23 AM »
Report by Richard Trionfo and

ECW 6/30/09
Live from Bakersfield, California
Your announcers are Matt Striker and Josh Mathews

ECW General Manager Tiffany is in the ring and she has something to say. She welcomes everyone to a new era of ECW. She mentions the announcement of the 15 superstar trade initiated by Donald Trump, the look and feel of ECW has changed. She says that she is excited about the New Superstar Initiative. ECW will continue to be the place to see the top young stars in WWE today.

Match Number One: Shelton Benjamin versus Yoshi Tatsu

Before the match, Shelton gets a mic and he comments on his opponent

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ECW Results 6/30/09
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Shelton was hilarious on the mic. This was an awesome promo by him, much better than anything I've seen from other poor mic workers such as Jeff Hardy and John Morrison.