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Graphics Resources
« on: 2 June 2009, 12:55:31 AM »
It's always good to encourage graphic design, so I thought it's about time we had a resource thread for links to recommended applications, tutorials, and so on - please feel free to reply with your own recommendations (preferably links that include information, not just download links) and I'll edit it into this post - feel free to suggest additional categories if required.

Note: No warez links or discussion allowed.


Adobe Photoshop - image editor | Adobe Photoshop CS5

GIMP - GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Microsoft Paint - Paint (software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Paint.NET - Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

Feel free to recommend any.

Plugins, Brushes, etc.
Feel free to recommend any - when replying to this thread with a recommended plugin/brush/etc., please make sure to mention what application it is for, as well as the cost.
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