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{{SPOILERS}} Friday Night Smackdown (4/10)
« on: 8 April 2009, 03:36:04 AM »

Dark Match:

* MVP b. Dolph Ziggler

WWE SmackDown: (Airing Friday Night)
* Matt Hardy comes out and demands an apology from Jeff. He says if Jeff doesn't apologize he's going to leave on a stretcher. Jeff comes out and attacks Matt. Matt flees to the back.

* Teddy Long announces Matt vs. Jeff Hardy in a Stretcher Match for later tonight.  

* Todd Grisham & Jim Ross are commentating.

* Josh Matthews is doing ECW commentary until the draft or otherwise.

* Big Show b. Kofi Kingston
- Big Show got the easy win after countering Kofi off the top rope.

* The Great Khali b. Santino Marella
- Santino comes out and says that he could be drafted to SmackDown, so he opens a challenge for any wrestler in the back. The Great Khali comes out and says he can't quit thinking of Santina and he wants a kiss or he'll fight Santino. Santino declines and Khali demanded a referee come out and ring the bell.

* Gail Kim b. Michelle McCool

* The Cutting Edge is up next with special guest John Cena. Edge tells Cena how much he hates him. Cena then challenges Edge to hit him, but he walks away instead. Theodore Long comes out and announces they will fight for the World Championship tonight.

* Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes b. Carlito & Primo Colon in a non-title match.  

* Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo on the Six-Man Tag Match at Backlash.

* Matt Hardy b. Jeff Hardy in a Stretcher Match.
- After a failed Swanton Bomb from Jeff landing on the stretcher, Matt capitalized by rolling Jeff to the top of the ramp, hitting him with a chair, and crossing the finish line.

* John Cena b. Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Looks like a decent show heading into the draft, I predict that a lot of midcard guys (like Kofi despite the squash) are going to end up on Smackdown to add to the U.S. Title division.  Also, the Hardys match at mania was better than I was expecting, so that's pretty much the only thing I'm looking forward to here.

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{{SPOILERS}} Friday Night Smackdown (4/10)
« Reply #1 on: 10 April 2009, 01:11:32 AM »
Look's a pretty stacked SmackDown in all honesty, so will have to make sure I tune in for this one.

Michelle vs Gail should be decent, Tag team match will be good with Priceless actually involved in proper competition and the stretcher match was a bit WTF when I read it but should be fun. Cena vs Edge, AGAIN??? I hope to god after Backlash is over that we don't see this feud continue as it's getting ridiculously old now.

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{{SPOILERS}} Friday Night Smackdown (4/10)
« Reply #2 on: 10 April 2009, 09:21:22 PM »
Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool was a decent little match, I just hated the ending; I

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{{SPOILERS}} Friday Night Smackdown (4/10)
« Reply #3 on: 11 April 2009, 12:09:32 AM »
A really good Smackdown imo. They have been doing a great job since Wrestlemania.

Big Show vs Kofi Kingston was better then I thought it would be. I just hope that they don't put Kofi in a position like Rey Mysterio where he will be the underdog against the big guy.

Cutting Edge was really good. Tbh, this feud is new for me as i didn't see their feud from a couple years back. I really enjoyed watching the two on the microphone, great chemistry and an awesome build up. It reminded me of the storyline Edge had a while back where he looked in despair and asked for Mick Foley to help him beat the Undertaker.

Priceless look like they have a feud being built up for them, which is great news, but it looks doubtful they will challenge at Backlash now. Maybe The Colons might play a factor at Backlash (whether they are booked to defend against Priceless, or possible interference or something.)

Randy Orton promo was awesome, but it made me think, where the hell is Triple H, I haven't seen him on Smackdown for a long time, yet he is supposed to be the champion.

The stretcher match was absolutely awesome, this is becoming a great feud and i hope that they can continue this like they did with Jericho and HBK a while back, i think this has the potential to be the next big feud for the WWE.

No Shelton and no Taker was a bit disappointing, but it doesn't matter as this was a really good Smackdown.

Oh I think there might be a Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho feud coming up for intercontinental, since a Wrestlemania Revenge tour advert advertised a raw match with Rey and Cena teaming up against Jericho and Edge on 20th April.

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{{SPOILERS}} Friday Night Smackdown (4/10)
« Reply #4 on: 13 April 2009, 01:40:13 AM »
The stretcher match was a really good main event with some really good spots in it. i'm glad Matt Hardy won as he won at WM so Jeff winning would undo this. I see big things for Matt now, as a heel he is really exciting to watch and I think he has finally got past that midcard status of his.

Priceless were built up slightly by beating the colons which is good as they need to be, Kofi looked good without Big Show losing any credibility (you can't have someone in the main event at WM then lose to a midcarder the next week.)
Gail Kim has impressed again and Orton's promo and the cutting edge promo were both very entertaining to watch.