Author Topic: TNA World Title replica available soon.  (Read 559 times)

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TNA World Title replica available soon.
« on: 4 December 2008, 12:38:32 PM »

Next week, TNA Wrestling will be offering incredible replicas of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for sale at, the official online merchandise store of TNA!

TNA will take delivery of an extremely limited amount of the replica championships, which will go on sale immediately at in time for Christmas delivery.

Talk about an awesome holiday gift for your favorite TNA Wrestling fan!

The replica titles are made to the same size and specifications as the real TNA World Heavyweight Championship, fitting up to a 46 inch waist and weighing nearly 5 pounds! These limited-edition titles are an amazing reproduction of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by "The Icon" Sting.

This is the first time that TNA Wrestling has offered replicas of our World Title, and only a few dozen will be available for Christmas delivery for some very lucky hardcore fans!

Check back to and next week for more news on the replica titles. is your one-stop store for tons of official TNA merchandise, including DVDs, T-Shirts, Superstar items and so much more! Visit it now for great deals!

I personally think replica championships are a stupid thing to spend good money on, but for those that collect (& are TNA fans) it should be something exciting.

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TNA World Title replica available soon.
« Reply #1 on: 4 December 2008, 01:12:01 PM »
I have always wanted a title replica, though of which title (and from which company/brand) particularly I'm unsure. The thing that obviously puts me off is such a high price - and obviously I wouldn't want a plastic one.
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