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the divas
« on: 13 November 2008, 11:20:34 AM »
iv been watching smackdown every week for the last 12 months and to be honest im disapointed
the beella twins or as i like to call them the female bashums
they made thire real debut this week and to be hounest i think smakcdown is not realy being fair
natalia is a 2nd generation star and one of the few who can actuly wrestle and shes geting beaten by jobbers from fcw victoria is also one of the few who can and shes loseing day in day out
the divas title would be a good idea if it didnt look like a kids toy
and for michele mcool to say it means more than the womans title is a joke
Natalia for champ
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the divas
« Reply #1 on: 13 November 2008, 04:53:24 PM »
Its funny how the NEW Divas Title got old the second Michelle got hold off it. I find it interesting since winning the belt Michelle has only wrestled Maryse in singles matches with the exception of this title defence against Maria this week on SmackDown. Wish The Undertaker would hurry up and get over Michelle already so she can be sent on her way.

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the divas
« Reply #2 on: 13 November 2008, 07:42:21 PM »
To be honest I don't hate the Diva's division - but I don't like it that much either. - I think I can tolerate it because I don't go into the matches having any real expectations. There was never any need for a new belt, they could have just had the women's championship defended on both Raw and Smackdown (which I'm sure they ruled it could be back in 2005 or something)

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the divas
« Reply #3 on: 17 November 2008, 03:41:12 PM »
Meh. I've learned to not care about the women's division (both RAW and SD!) as much as I used to. It's too inconsistent  for my taste. One minute it would be hot and at the drop of the hat it would be cold again and right now it's damn near frozen.
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the divas
« Reply #4 on: 18 November 2008, 01:13:23 AM »
Well, when it comes to the divas, I love them. Not that great of in-ring performers, yeah they give it all they got, but they are more worried about their looks than the fans enjoyment. I, myself have to agree with the Beautiful People form TNA, If I can say one thing on here. "We're knockouts, not divas" Well, WWE divas know how to knock you out, ask Beth!