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SmackDown *Spoilers* 9-19-08
« on: 18 September 2008, 02:14:38 AM »
Dark Match:
* Johnny Curtis b. Armando Estrada
- Curtis got the win with a top rope clothes line.

SmackDown: (Airing Friday)
* WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool b. Maryse
- Maryse gets a lot of heat. McCool got the win after hitting a tiger driver.

* Vickie is shown backstage with Big Show. Eve comes in and asks if The Undertaker is in the building.

* A Big Show/Undertaker video from Unforgiven is shown.

* Ryan Braddock b. Festus
- The match ended in disqualification after Jesse came into the ring with duct tape and bubble wrap. They wrap up Braddock and carry him to the back.

* Back to Vickie and Big Show laughing about The Undertaker. Vickie says she will make him apologize if he shows up tonight.

* Carlito's Cabana returns tonight.

* R-Truth b. Shelton Benjamin
- R-Truth enters through the crowd. He gets the win with a roll-up pinfall. Lots of heat on Shelton.

* Jeff Hardy b. Brian Kendrick
- Prior to the match, Hardy cuts a promo and says that Triple H fired him up last week. Kendrick hit the ring for their match in which he lost. Hardy got knocked out by Vladimir Kozlov at the top of the ramp after the match.

* Carlito's Cabana is up next with Carlito and Primo Colon . Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins come out. It is announced that Carlito and Primo will get a WWE Tag Team Championship shot on next week's show. Ryder and Hawkins jump the Colons as Jesse and Festus come out for the save.

* Bre Bella and Maria are shown backstage talking about making their outfits the same. Victoria and Natalya nurst in talking about Bre's secret. They promise to get to the bottom of it next week in a divas match.

* The Great Khali b. Scotty Goldman in a squash match.

* The Great Khali vs. Vladimir Kozlov is announced for next week.

* Chavo is shown in Vickie's office with Bam Neely, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins. Footage is shown of The Undertaker and then the TV messes up. The Undertaker grabs Chavo's throat.

* Triple H b. MVP
- Triple H got the win via pinfall after hitting a pedigree. After the match Vladimir Kozlov attacks Triple H and SmackDown goes off the air.

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SmackDown *Spoilers* 9-19-08
« Reply #1 on: 18 September 2008, 03:26:40 AM »
What the **** is with this bubble wrapping shit that Jesse and Festus are doing? It's so bloody random :sneaky2:

Carlito's Cabana making it's return is quality. The more Carlito the better :D

R-Truth vs Shelton sound's intriguing and definitley worth a watch I would imagine. A feud between these two dudes could be awesome being how damn athletic they both are.

Jeff vs Kendrick sounds exactly the same as above, another one to watch.

HHH vs MVP is again interesting as I wonder how the match went whether it was MVP taking control and HHH coming strong at the end or whether it was just HHH in complete control throughout. Hopefully it will be the former.

I must admit that i'm slightly drawn to what they are doing with Kozlov as I do think that given a proper feud and matches that aren't squashes he could be pretty good as he does look to have a very unique style to him.

Doesn't sound too bad of a SmackDown tbh other than the Kozlov squash.