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TNA Signing Confirmed...
« on: 3 September 2008, 08:00:15 PM »
But it's not Mick Foley. Not yet anyway. :P

Reports out of Japan is that TNA has signed AJPW wrestler Akira Raijin. It is said to be a two year deal. Raijin did dark matches for WWE and had try-outs for TNA. He impressed agents for both companies he's been inides in Canada as of late. He has been working with former TNA agent Scott D'Amore at BCW. AJPW once considered him to be a future for them but he's choosen TNA. TNA currently have a working agreement with each major company in Japan. This the first time they signed a worker from of the Japanesse companies.

Also look for TNA to use some workers from Noah in the near future. Noah and TNA have a working agreement as well.


Honestly no idea who he is but I'm happy to see TNA signing more international talent after the World X Cup. I'd just like to see them sign Alex Kozlov and Milano Collection AT now.

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TNA Signing Confirmed...
« Reply #1 on: 3 September 2008, 09:30:43 PM »
Yeah i would love to see TNA sign those 2 and i doubt they could but sign Doi and Yoshino that would be awesome for the tag division.

I haven't heard of this guy yet but i'll eventually search him up and see if he'sany good.