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Ex WWE wrestlers in TNA
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Quote from: Professor Prax;11555
This is pretty much the sum of my opinion. I have no problem with TNA employing ex-WWE guys per-say, I mean any company would be stupid not to hire guys who name-value when they can. The problem is, as Shanti said, that they're holding back their own guys in the process. Sure sting may put over Abyss and Booker might put over Joe, but why isn't it Eric Young or Jay Lethal or any other TNA-bred guy putting people over in the main event?

Since TNA was created, the only world champions who didn't have name value before TNA were pretty much Ron Killings (who still had a career in WWE before even though I'm not going to count it), AJ Styles (I believe he was pretty big on the indy scene before that anyway) and Abyss.

There's a problem when in 6 years of existence you've only had 3ish champions who you've created as stars yourself.

There's a lot of talent in TNA, and for a company that claims to have the best wrestling product in the world and the best talent in pro wrestling, they certainly don't use it versus talent that made a name for themselves in other promotions.

Like I said I have no problem with TNA bringing in just about anyone, but when your own talent suffers, it's a big issue.

I agree with everything you said there MR. Prax.

But in my opinion TNA seems to be trying to go in the right the test will be if they can manage to pull it off right and get there younger guys over.

Jay lethal won against angle and then won the team 3D feud so i think TNA did kind of put him over on the big name guys. he is just feuding with sonjay sutt  right now which has been a story tht has been basically building forever.and i think is more to get sonjay over a little more and after that i see jay feuding with a top guy again.

Eric young....yeah i like eric young but the super eric thing is probably my least favorite gimmick TNA has. i think after youngs feud with robert roode they just didn't know what to do with him. which is a shame because i think eric young is really talented. when i saw TNA live he and jimmy rave pulled off a great match that was MOTN IMO.