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*OFFICIAL* Raw Discussion Thread: 8th January 2018
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In The Miz’s absence, The Miztourage has walked with Elias. Tonight, however, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas return to the side of The A-Lister as the “must-see” Superstar re-enters the Team Red spotlight.

Will Miz set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship he lost to Roman Reigns, or will his attention shift to the Royal Rumble Match itself, where he could earn a Universal Championship opportunity on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania 34?

When his hand goes up, our mouths might actually go shut tonight, as the entire WWE Universe is anxious to hear what he has to say.

In a match where a disqualification would have cost him his Intercontinental Championship, Roman Reigns vanquished the nigh-unstoppable Samoa Joe last Monday night, seeming to prove his dominance over The Samoan Submission Specialist once and for all.

The Big Dog is a fighting champion, though, and we don’t expect the bearer of Team Red’s workhorse title to rest on his laurels. Who will step up to “The Guy” in Memphis?

Since becoming “Woken,” Matt Hardy’s appearances on Raw have mostly been limited to taunting Bray Wyatt from afar, with one physical exception on Christmas when Hardy attacked The New Face of Fear in the ring. But for the first time since the former Raw Tag Team Champion was pushed past his breaking point to the higher plane he currently occupies, Hardy will be competing in in-ring action tonight. His opponent has yet to be determined, but one can only assume that deletions will be the order of the day.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar incurred the wrath of Kane last Monday night, and the resulting brawl between the two goliaths required nearly the entire Raw locker room to restore the peace.

Braun Strowman told Kane, in no uncertain terms, that he will not join forces with The Big Red Machine against The Beast Incarnate in Royal Rumble’s Universal Championship Triple Threat Match, so it’s no surprise that Strowman did not enter the fray. We’d be surprised if The Monster Among Men showed any such restraint if the opportunity to pummel either Kane or Lesnar presented itself this week.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen Finn Bálor smile quite as wide as he did last week, when he finally joined forces with his longtime friends Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson for the first time in WWE to defeat Elias & The Miztourage in a blistering Six-Man Tag Team Match.

After the bout, Bálor told that “the boys are back in town,” leading many to believe that this “good brother” alliance wasn’t just a one-time occurrence. Will we see this “Too Sweet” trio dominate tonight?

In a WrestleMania-worthy match, Asuka defeated Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss last Monday night — a victory that undoubtedly earned The Empress of Tomorrow a title opportunity at some point in the near future.

The loss to the undefeated Asuka — one of 29 competitors in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match — has surely shaken the confidence of the self-proclaimed Goddess, who’s going to need all the self-assurance she can muster considering the Superstars who have already declared for the 30-woman match on Jan. 28.

With new female Superstars expected to declare for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match in the coming weeks, how will Little Miss Bliss assert her dominance over the division?

Don’t miss Monday Night Raw, tonight!

It is now official that Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Cedric Alexander tonight on Raw.

The match, originally scheduled to take place last week, had to be postponed after The Certified G was hospitalized with the flu. However, with Amore now out of the hospital and ready to compete, he will square off against one of the most dynamic and toughest challengers to his title reign - 205 Live standout Alexander.

Will Enzo be at full health for the title contest, or will Raw be Cedric's night to rise to the top of the Cruiserweight division? And how will the Zo Train factor into the major championship match? Find out tonight on Raw!
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