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*OFFICIAL* Raw Discussion Thread: 11th December 2017
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After weeks of back-and-forth brutality, Braun Strowman will once again meet Kane in the middle of the ring, which will no doubt buckle under the combined weight of these powerhouse Superstars.

Claiming he is the red brand’s “only monster,” The Big Red Machine has targeted The Monster Among Men in recent weeks, and their escalating rivalry has caused them to inflict inhumane amounts of damage on each other and their surroundings. When they collide on Raw, everyone had best stay out of the way.

After Raw General Manager Kurt Angle restarted last Monday night’s Raw Tag Team Championship main event, making it a No Disqualification Match, Samoa Joe interfered and cost Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose the chance to recapture the titles, much to the delight of Cesaro & Sheamus and the chagrin of all three members of The Shield.

Fortunately, The Hounds of Justice will have an opportunity at redemption when they square off against the three nefarious Superstars in singles action. Live on Raw, it will be Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro, Ambrose vs. Joe and Rollins vs. Sheamus.

Don’t miss any of the action live on Raw!

Virtually the entire Raw Women’s division has felt the wrath of Absolution, but for two weeks in a row, Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville have attempted to intimidate — but not attack — the undefeated Asuka.

It seems like only a matter of time before the trio gets their hands on The Empress of Tomorrow (or vice versa). Will Asuka and Absolution finally collide in Cleveland?

Matt Hardy is officially “Woken.” In a bewildering back-and-forth exchange with Bray Wyatt on Raw, Matt Hardy sentenced The Eater of Worlds (a.k.a., apparently, “The Consumer of Terrestrial Entities”) to “deletion.”

As the WWE Universe dissects and analyzes the veteran Superstar’s mystifying new mindset, Wyatt must brace himself for an altogether different Matt Hardy than the one he faced last month on Raw. The “Great War” could very well be upon us.

Don’t miss Raw, tonight.
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