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*OFFICIAL* Raw Discussion Thread: 25th September 2017
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In an iconic showdown that took both Roman Reigns and John Cena to the absolute limit in a barrage of Attitude Adjustments, Spears and Superman Punches, The Big Dog overcame the 16-time World Champion at WWE No Mercy. Cena raised Reigns’ hand, and a mutual respect was evident between the two tremendous competitors. More importantly, The Big Dog showed once and for all that he is indeed ready to stand at the top of WWE.

In the aftermath, though, The Miz proposed a special “Miz TV” to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, an exclusive interview that he would conduct with Reigns to ask hard-hitting questions concerning the black-clad Superstar’s epic match against Cena, recent buzz surrounding Reigns and his “old buddies” and more.

Don’t miss when “Miz TV” kicks off Raw tonight.

Just in case the ground was shaking a little too much that the people couldn’t see the match clearly, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar survived the incredible challenge from Braun Strowman at WWE No Mercy.

And as the dust cleared, two things were certain. First, the next time the WWE Universe sees Paul Heyman and his conquering client, The Advocate will not be at a loss for words. And second, Monday Night Raw had better get ready for the fallout from The Monster Among Men. If there is one thing more dangerous than a victorious Strowman, it’s one who has been bested.

Yes, Alexa Bliss emerged victorious against the odds in an extremely turbulent Fatal 5-Way Raw Women’s Championship Match at WWE No Mercy, but how will the chaotic free-for-all transform the Women’s division moving forward? Can Alexa and Nia Jax just go back to being best friends? What about Bayley and Sasha Banks? Who came out of the fray in the best position to challenge the “Goddess of WWE” next?

Moreover, the announcement that dominant former NXT Champion Asuka will make her main roster debut at WWE TLC will surely make for an even more unstable Women’s division.

At WWE No Mercy, Enzo Amore hit an illegal low blow to overcome Neville and capture the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Both Monday Night Raw and WWE 205 Live have been left no choice but to prepare themselves for the new era of The Realest Guy in the Room.

But how long will that era last? Fueled by a thirst for retribution, The King of the Cruiserweights will certainly be targeting the new titleholder.

Surprise, surprise, The Miztourage helped The A-Lister retain his coveted Intercontinental Championship against up-and-comer Jason Jordan at WWE No Mercy.

As the smoke cleared on the controversial matchup, a disappointed Jordan made no bones about the fact that he still doesn’t respect the crafty titleholder for his tactics and would indeed like another bout for the gold. But will he get it in the weeks to come? And if he does, will such a rematch cause friction with the locker room, especially with Jordan’s father being Raw General Manager Kurt Angle?
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