Author Topic: How many brain cells have to die?  (Read 316 times)

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How many brain cells have to die?
« on: 8 January 2013, 03:19:26 PM »
Last night, my Uncle, Dad and I go into a little heated discussion of the Wrestling today versus their era in the 70's/80's.More so my Uncle but last night I told my Uncle to put it on Raw up that point I was watching Raw via a Stream, but my Dad and Uncle at one point where huge Wrestling Fans along with my Mother, but as soon as my Uncle saw Punk, he dogged him.He saw the tattoos, he saw the bags under his eyes which the Rock jumped all over him easily calling him "popeye on crack".This is what I told the both of them when he said, look at the bags under his eyes.
My Uncle just said Punk takes drugs with those's bags under his eyes.I told him hey jackasses, just because your generation of Wrestler took em doesn't mean he's weak like them!I said time to watch his documentary.

I wanted to face myself to death hearing a nearly 40 year old Hispanic man judging a man by looks thinking he has drug problems.To them everyone does it.I told them why in the hell would Punk put on his knuckles straight edge for what? T-Shirts sales? He had those tattoos before Wrestling I believe, but the funny thing is my Father and Uncle both have tattoos.My Uncle has 5 or 6 and 4 of them have to do with his family, kids.I was going to say to my Uncle last night, why judge this man if he does drugs that's his decision, the only pills I see is Fish Oil pills, so why is there four or five other medicines over there, but that would of started a fight lol.Your wondering why this bothers me.I guess my Uncle has been judged in his life for certain things he does, but I have.I remember being 13 year old and going into a Foot Locker with an Eagles Coat on and a Manager watching me around the store.This judging I saw from Uncle is it his fault considering the deaths of like Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit having to do with past or present drug abuse, so he thinks everyone in Wrestling now take them? Mick Foley once said "if doesn't matter how many ears I lose, didn't matter how many brain cells have to die".I don't judge someone by the tattoos or how they look Wrestling a hour ago, I judge like Martin Luther King JR wanted "by the content of their character".What's wrong with the preception of the Wrestling these days?