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Wrestler Calls Out Vince On Writing
« on: 9 October 2012, 03:25:14 PM »
A number of top talents have approached Vince McMahon in recent weeks voicing their concern over WWE's current product according to

One of the top talents had a verbal back and forth with McMahon in front of everyone. In this exchange, the talent basically told Vince the writing sucks and that McMahon doesn't have his finger on the pulse of things anymore. Since McMahon is out of touch with wrestling in 2012, the talent told him he needs to start listening to people around him. The final note was the talent saying when WWE goes to "hell in a handbasket" it will be all Vince's fault.

As of this time, the identity of the talent hasn't been confirmed to the point of being able to name them according to PWInsider.

McMahon's top stars, along with pressure from NBC Universal to fix the ratings is said to be a huge slap in McMahon's face. This all played a factor in McMahon making drastic changes.

Reportedly this is only the beginning and more changes are coming.

Vince got slapped by CM Punk on live TV... hmmmm...

Quote is reporting Eric Pankowski is expected to be replacing Brian Gewirtz as RAW's head writer.

Pankowski joined the company in February and reportedly both Vince and Stephanie McMahon are very high on him.

Gewirtz is now listed as a consultant but many expect him to be phased out of the company all together as the months go on.

More shakeups are expected in the coming weeks which has everyone nervous. The situation was described as very scary on Monday when Vince had an intense meeting where he said he wants results or resignations.

I dunno, Raw's been good/decent more often than its been bad since the change to 3 hours but if Vince is serious about change than it can only be good.

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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Re: Wrestler Calls Out Vince On Writing
« Reply #1 on: 9 October 2012, 07:45:31 PM »
I dunno, Raw's been good/decent more often than its been bad since the change to 3 hours but if Vince is serious about change than it can only be good.
Three hours is far too long, yes its allowed for some better TV matches, but otherwise, the show has just been bland. Everything is the same week in week out, the results are predictable, the promos follow the same formula, creativity has mostly been squandered, or if they create something good, its recycled far too much.

They really need to build around feuds more, this is the reason I watch wrestling, yet this is barely a part of the show any more; instead all the other crap gets more time, like touting, tweeting, some random social media ambassador who is interested in wrestling for one episode or else we'll get crap like Brodus Clay dancing cos we've never seen that.

If we get a proper feud, its with the old timers, which do a great job, but at the same time it isn't going to solve the long term problems.

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Re: Wrestler Calls Out Vince On Writing
« Reply #2 on: 9 October 2012, 11:39:10 PM »
I've actually enjoyed raw a lot lately so hopefully this change will not be a bad thing. i will agree with chappers about one thing though and that's a lot of outcomes are extremely predictable.

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Re: Wrestler Calls Out Vince On Writing
« Reply #3 on: 19 October 2012, 05:23:54 PM »
I agree with pretty much everything chappers said. I want a decent feud again like that one Y2J had with HBK a while back. In the attitude era you had loads of those kind of feuds.