Author Topic: My response to the efed debate...  (Read 458 times)

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My response to the efed debate...
« on: 2 July 2008, 09:53:16 PM »
After finally being able to gather some free time to read the conversation that took place in both the shoutbox and the efed thread that was posted in light of it... I would like to take a moment of time to just let myself express an opinion that I wasn't able to express last night... Now, before I say anything I'm not here to point names or start drama, so just read and reply if you wish...

*deep breath*

"It will be dead in two weeks, feds never last on Mayhem..."

That was the standard of efeds on Mayhem before a man named Tim came into this forums life, and our own. He started a federation by the name of Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment on May 16th 2007. From that very day, people joined and RPed in his efed. I was brought in by Big Ace shortly after that, nervous as hell, because I barely knew anyone here. Yet over time, I myself grew so fond of this place, it became a safe house for me. Regardless of the stress, the joy, or any range of emotion, I could come here, talk to people, and maybe, just maybe... get to take it out on someone through an RP. Thats what I did. Thats all I did. True say, I spent probably more time inside of MWE then I did this entire forum.

And no one can deny that they have mixed feelings about MWE. There was some boiling blood, there was some awesome laughs, there were some dickheaded members, and there were some golden RPers. But the one trait everyone shared, is that no matter how much you hated MWE. No matter if you left on bad terms... you came back... you always came back. Aiden Copane was blown up in a ****ing ambulance, but he came back. Mason Resoan, disappeared off the face of the earth... a year later... he comes back. D.C. thrown in jail, came back. Windy chased out of MWE, came back, Cannon, Leo, SF, Dev, Pala, Whitman, Booty, you all left at one point in time, but EVERYONE CAME BACK!

Tim handed MWE over to Big Ace... I was Big Ace's right hand man, even though I wasn't technically part of staff. We both swore... to Tim himself... we would take this fed, and make it something. Regardless of how we were going to do it, we swore to Tim that this ****ing fed, would reach the one year mark, come hell or high water. Countless fed-head changes. Countless staff members. Countless writers. We kept going.

We kept going because people didn't want to give up. Even when hope was lost during the winter, when we didn't know how to handle the Christmas break... we got back on track and kept going. Proving more and more that MWE was not another fed doomed to failure on Mayhem.

I remember, clearly, when we were bringing in WAR... and we had this entire ****ing forum buzzing... everyone was waiting for that PPV to drop, and when it came time to post it... I had to write out the entire ****ing conclusion and people were getting PISSED! Everyone from WAR had been registering on Mayhem, and we played it off like they were just friends of ours... and then when the PPV finally got posted... this place went bananas. This place went insane, we dropped a bomb on this forum that was never seen before. Thats the feeling I had... after the dust settled... me and Ace went to Tim in an MSN convo... and we showed him what we did. With smiles on our faces. And he approved... who cares about what happened after WAR invaded... that moment, was one of the best things I've been a part of.

And still we marched... all the way until it finally came to be me. I was the last fed head... to know, that after all the good times and bad... it fell onto me to live up to the promise me and Big Ace made to Tim...

Everyone, needs to realize one thing... MWE was NEVER run into the ground. When the forum started bugging in and out and no one could do anything to stop it. Thats when people stopped trying to RP. We couldn't keep a schedule because we didn't know if the server was gonna be shot one day or be on the next. We couldn't do anything. People stopped RPing eventually because the crashes got so bad. If anyone should know, its me... because I tried like hell to keep people interested in a fed that I couldn't even promise would be there tomorrow...

To be here, almost from the start (I came in like a week after it actually started, if you wanna get technical), to the very end... and be the one that had to be the person to finally say... "It's over"... that hurt. People that know me outside, can tell you that I actually looked at MWE like a job, because I really don't have much going for me in my life. I loved, and felt passionate about a ****ing efed, of all possible things. It was an internet "make believe" federation. But I put everything I had into it. And to find out that the exact same day that Mayhem went off line and MWE died... so did Tim Fitzgerald, the man who started MWE passed away as well... Almost a years worth of ideas, and a ****ing encyclopedia sized stack of RPs, segments, angles, and matches. Gone. Just like that, it was all gone... the promise made... gone... Tim... gone...

I actually did shed a tear when MWE slipped out of our fingers. And then to find out that the person, who is responsible for giving us what we now have so many fond memories of, passed away, I shed another tear...

but if you ask me if I'd do it all over again...

you bet your ****ing ass I would...

I encourage, anyone, I CHALLENGE YOU! To make a ****ing fed on this goddamn forum that is BETTER then MWE. So that the new members, old members, grandma's, grandpa's, ROCK EM SOCK EM ROBOT CHAMPIONS! (RP classic THANK YOU VERY ****ING MUCH!) CAN LOOK AT IT... AND SAY! "Damn! Thats almost as good as MWE was!". I will never deny anyone the same feeling that I had about MWE. The bar has been set... if you start a fed here, you better make it THAT ****ING GOOD! Because MWE was the greatest fed in a lot of people's eyes.

You have huge boots to fill...

--R.I.P. Tim--
this was for you...

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My response to the efed debate...
« Reply #1 on: 2 July 2008, 09:58:37 PM »
^^^You just said YOU would do it all over again. And you challenged people to build a better fed than MWE. So sign ups are in the help and suggestions section. I hope you sign up since you said you would do it all over again and challenged people.

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My response to the efed debate...
« Reply #2 on: 3 July 2008, 02:50:09 AM »
I agree with alot of what DC said... Out do what was built here.. But I do think it shouldn't be named MWE... That wouldn't be right... It need another name because the name MWE is classic and it means alot to some of us.


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My response to the efed debate...
« Reply #3 on: 3 July 2008, 05:00:54 AM »
What about Wrestling Mayhem Madness or Mayhem, Madness and Wrestling or Mayhem :Wrestlings only answer.
Might be abit lame bit you know atleast I'm trying.:'(
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