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Lockdown 2011
« on: 18 April 2011, 01:26:26 PM »
Well i didn't see a post for the show but it happened and i found it to be really good.

X-D Opener was pretty good. When Sabin was in there with lethal was probably the best of the match.Sabin is so underrated. Red also looked realyy good in this. annd Kendrick looked like an idiot. the only issue here is that the crowed was pretty horrid at this point and only cared about the old guys which showed throughout the night. Glad Max got the win. i can see him taking the belt off of Kaz so Kaz can move up and feud with the big timers and Max and Jeremy can feud over the title.

I think if a video package would have aired before this match showing the build of the gen me break up the crowed would have been into this more especially on the Max vs Jeremy Part because to be honest i don't even think most of them got they they were a team or even brothers.

Bischoff segment was a huge waste of time which could have been put into the world title match which i will get into later. i don't know why this happened. i think EB just wanted on the show i guess... ridiculous and pointless.

4 way tag match was fun. i don't know about giving ink inc the win when they seem to be on the urge of a break up. the crowed seemed to love eric young and orlando jordon as did i. and going with the them if them they also loved scott steiner.

Knockouts title match was good and short like a like it. and we got a mickie crotch shot which is always good and mickie finally got the win which i like.

Joe vs Pope was really good. back and forth match that was just very entertaining. and a great way to cap off the feud. im glad they didn't have that damn green hornet guy out there.

Morgan vs Hernandez was probably the only real bad match on the show. but really it is to be expected with those is really to be expected since they have done this many times before and their matches have never been good with eachother. they are just 2 big guys and a loot of the time that just doesn't work.

Oh then after this you had Sarita and Rosita talking and then velvet came down and kicked their asses. i figured velvet and angelena would but then again im not too sure if TBP are still together or whats going on with angelena and winter right now.

Angle vs JJ was great. not as good as Angle vs Anderson last year but i thought the match was great. Angle ALWAYS delivers no matter what. and at the endi really didn't know who would win. and a lot of the times in the match it looked like these guys were legit hurt. i don't know about JJ winning but i guess its whatever i am so ready for Angle to move on to another feud. hopefully something fresh maybe Angle vs RVD?

Anderson vs RVD vs Sting was really good and a lot better than i expected. first off all 3 guys were mega over and got huge pops. the match itself was one of stings best matches in a long time and both anderson and RVD did good too. i was actually hoping this match would go longer but i guess they wanted to make sure they had time for the main event which makes me wish bischoff didn't take up time earlier in the show for no reason. also i gotta say i have enjoyed the build for this match. with sting coming out on top i don't know how i feel about it. i really think anderson is the hottest guy in TNA right now and they should probably put the belt on him. sting doesn't need it and RVD had his run and pretty much failed with it.

Fourtune vs Immortal in lethal lockdown was great too. im not always a fan of these matches but i enjoyed this one very much. all the guys in fourtune looked really good. all the guys in immortal looked really good. i loved the spot with James storm flipping flair off and smashing the beer bottle on his head. and then the spot with daniels jumping off the top of the cage onto hardy and abyss on the floor was insane! Then AJ coming down to get his revenge on ray was really good and then a really selfless move by Flair taking the submission from robert roode and fortune getting the win was really good.  Also have really enjoyed this feud and build. i hope daniels sticks around with fourtune and wasn't just a filler.

Overall a really good show. i enjoyed it very much. everything was good besides EB talking and hernandez vs morgan. best TNA show i seen in a long time really.