Author Topic: Batista' daughter in a sex tape.  (Read 594 times)

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Batista' daughter in a sex tape.
« on: 15 December 2010, 02:25:12 AM »

Several people have sent word to us that has posted a video of Athena, the daughter of former WWE star Dave Batista, engaging in sexual acts with her boyfriend.

The video shows the 18-year-old in some rather explicit positions. Although the couple are well aware that the camera is rolling, it's unsure if it was meant to be "leaked" on to the internet
- It appears as though Batista's daughter Athena has appeared in a sex  tape, and the video is out there if people look hard enough. It is said  to be the talk of the locker room backstage at the SmackDown tapings  today.
It appears that Batista is not pleased about news of his daughter's sex tape being leaked on the internet. The following messages were posted on the Twitter account of his daughter Athena:

@_mr_mills wtf?! My phones blowin up too. All I know is I woke up to some angry ass texts from my dad's manager! How's cali, babe?
about 7 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

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Batista' daughter in a sex tape.
« Reply #1 on: 15 December 2010, 02:38:35 AM »
Gonna say, don't even bother watching that video. I looked for it due to pure curiousity, but even when I found it you don't get to see anything anyway. Totally not worth filming.

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Batista' daughter in a sex tape.
« Reply #2 on: 15 December 2010, 03:01:54 PM »
I love how they're basically having a private conversation on twitter lmfao. Have they not heard of texting?

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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Batista' daughter in a sex tape.
« Reply #3 on: 20 December 2010, 09:35:38 PM »
I can't wait to be a father.............Dave must be proud

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Batista' daughter in a sex tape.
« Reply #4 on: 20 December 2010, 10:39:29 PM »
Well its made no secret when Batista goes around boning Diva's so maybe he should work on being a better role model.
I find this funny anyway, Batista's a twat.