Author Topic: *OFFICIAL* NXT Discussion for 2010/03/09  (Read 297 times)

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*OFFICIAL* NXT Discussion for 2010/03/09
« on: 10 March 2010, 01:59:24 AM »
Announced for tonight's WWE NXT is WWE United States champion The Miz & Daniel Bryan vs. R-Truth & David Otunga in a tag match featuring Mentors teaming with their Rookies that they are at odds with.

Nothing else confirmed but that's a pretty interesting main event.

I'm guessing all the guys have fought now after 2 weeks eh? Maybe they'll do something with Carlito spitting in Christian's guy's face.

Think I'll have a wank over these tomorrow.

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*OFFICIAL* NXT Discussion for 2010/03/09
« Reply #1 on: 11 March 2010, 02:28:12 AM »
we might be doing the power ranking thing we talked about but i think im going to start ranking who i think has been most impressive on NXT each week.

8. Michael Tarver.

 Tarver has probably been the least impressive though i wouldn't mind him being a manager full time. he seems to have a look and style that might get on peoples nerves im just not sold on him in the ring though.

7. Darren Young

I'm not really sure what to make of Young, i dunno if im supposed to like him or dislike him, he seems like someone that might want to hang out with zack ryder but just not cool enough for ryder to let him. last week he was pretty good in his match but im still just don't really no what to gather from him.

6. Wade Barret

Got to be honest Barret hasn't impressed me all that much thus far but his association with jericho makes him instantly better IMO. sure he has the size andhis in ring ability hasn't been bad yet but i don't know i just feel something special might be missing at the current time from him.

5. Skip Shefield

On raw Skip was funny as hell and im starting to like him mre and more but at the same time im not too sure on what he can do in the ring and also im not sure if the comedy comes from him or the fact that anyone can have good comedy moments with william regal (Tajiri an Eugene)

4. David Otunga

I'm pretty high on otunga but he has got to learn to sell a little better. but he had another pretty impressive showing this week

3. Daniel Bryan

Danielson and Miz little feud is going great and Danielson looked more impressive this week than i think he has any week but at the same time he hasn't won a match yet so it would be pretty bias if i ranked him any higher even though he probably has been the most impressive and has got more of my attention every week so far.

2. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel lands at number 2. two starght main event wins with a good looking 450 splash and from his litlle promo and seeing clips of him wrestling im more interested now because he seems like he might actually be really good.

1. Heath Slater

Reason i have Slater as number 1 right now is that his promo's have been good and in his match with carlito he was able to really get the crowed behind him. plus he doesn't really have anything working against him.

so there you have it, im not even sure how im doing these rankings because i seem to incorporate both keyfabe and how well they do in some areas that may not be keyfabe.

Anyways another good week of NXT and actually i think it might have been the best week so far, i think everyone delivered for the most part.

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*OFFICIAL* NXT Discussion for 2010/03/09
« Reply #2 on: 12 March 2010, 02:20:29 PM »
I couldn't possibly rank them, but out of all the guys, Heath Slater is the one who does nothing for me as I just don't believe there's anything about him at all even though they are calling him a walking rockband or whatever. At least all the other guys have some sort of gimmick going for them (KO specialist, A-List Celeb etc) or in the case of Darren Young has the potential to be introduced to Punk's stable, wheras Slater is just another guy.

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*OFFICIAL* NXT Discussion for 2010/03/09
« Reply #3 on: 14 March 2010, 03:22:18 PM »
My number 1 on the show would be Justin Gabriel. He was the first rookie to beat a pro, and he beat William Regal no less. He then got another clean win over the guy who beat Bryan Danielson last week.

I've been a bit late watching this weeks, but it seems Michael Cole's heel turn is over as suddenly as it started.