Author Topic: Umaga to cut Promos?  (Read 954 times)

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Umaga to cut Promos?
« Reply #15 on: 28 June 2008, 04:30:44 AM »
Quote from: Prax;3310
How can you even say that he's not athletic? That's just stupid. His matches are fast paced and full of athletic spots...

Fast & athletic? You're seeing a completely different guy if you call him fast. (A few athletic spots, but mainly by the opponent.)
Quote from: Prax;3310
Where do you hear anyone laughing or being sarcastic about umaga in arenas?

You don't hear the laughing under the cheers from the sarcastic fans that don't really see any "wrestling" from this guy.
Quote from: Prax;3310
And yes Umaga's best matches were against Cena, but it was mutual between the two of them.

More as the feud went on... As Umaga's seen more opponents, hasn't increased the mutual-ity factor in a long time.
Quote from: Prax;3310
As for the butt-bump, you're treating it like the first time anyone used a move that was used before in the past....

Not in the least. But we all know it's been done before, so why all the buildup, etc. for it? (Even tonight on "SD", they practically cleared the ring for it.)
Quote from: Prax;3310
And as for the spike... you say it's not a wrestling maneuver... is the mandible claw a wrestling maneuver? It's not, but it still got over with the fans and everyone.

It's a submission move, like Tazz's choke or lots of others. The spike is over before you can say "mandible claw".
Quote from: Prax;3310
Hell, the punch or a kick isn't a "wrestling" maneuver per say but people still do them, so what's your point?

What's yours? Botched moves, & lots of punches/kicks, cause far more damage than any spike I've seen the Samoan Boredom do.
Quote from: Prax;3310
And are you sure it doesn't hurt? Can I shove my thumb through your throat so we can test that theory?

Only if I can have your head X-rayed & see if there's anything behind those ears.