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Title: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio
Post by: RyPrax on 6 September 2012, 05:13:45 PM
PWInsider.com reports WWE is planning on having Rey Mysterio versus Sin Cara at WrestleMania 29.

This is the reason for the two being paired together in a team. WWE officials have also considered the duo getting the titles before the breakup. They the two teaming together helps set up a back story and gets the fans emotionally invested in Sin Cara.

As much as everyone hates Sin Cara, this sounds like it could be a pretty cool storyline. Build them us as the Meixcan Mega Powers (Mini Powers?), then have Cara turn on Mysterio just as everyone is starting to like him.
Title: Re: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio
Post by: chappers on 6 September 2012, 05:42:18 PM
I don't mind Sin Cara in a tag team, and I think pairing the two together seems like a logical choice. It will mean that we see less of Cara in the ring and it might help him get acclimatised to the WWE a bit more. Also feel that having these two in the tag division for a year (depending if both stay injury and drug free) will make it more of a staple on the show.
Title: Re: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio
Post by: Adampro123 on 7 September 2012, 01:43:47 AM
Yeah i have always been for this. the team is pretty good by WWE standards and we see less of cara in the ring and also less work for rey to do so he has less of a chance of getting injured. plus this will be a big match for all the mexican fans even if sin cara sucks they still love him for some ungodly reason.

I don't think anyone turns heel i think it will be more about respect and will be to get cara over.
Title: Re: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio
Post by: J.D on 9 September 2012, 12:15:30 AM
This definitely sounds positive but I am a little worried about the whole trying to get us "emotionally invested" in Sin Cara. It seems when someone they like doesn't go over they are way too pushy. Yet when the fans love someone they don't like they go out of their way to make that person a joke.