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Title: Kaz/Daniels what's next?
Post by: Majin HoHo on 2 September 2012, 06:40:40 PM
Yes these two men are the TNA World Tag Team Champions of the World and even though the AJ Styles feud with Claire was cheesy, but people love cheese.Seeing Daniels and Kazarian put on funny performances during this feud made me want to see what these goof balls would do next.Now that's all well and good but what about them Wrestling? I mean Kaz and Daniels held their own versus AJ Styles and Angle and what two great Title matches versus them.Now I know the TNA Tag Team Division is dim is a Cave right now but these two deserve to be shown in more than a comedy act.Why not put them in a feud with Chavo and Hernandez? Why not make Jeff Hardy and RVD versus Kaz and Daniels? What do you guys see for the future of the Kaz and Daniels?
Title: Re: Kaz/Daniels what's next?
Post by: Adampro123 on 2 September 2012, 08:27:49 PM
I was also thinking that they could have a good feud with the team of RVD & Jeff Hardy. I'm not sure why TNA hasn't made those 2 guys a team yet anyways. i suppose Kaz & Daniels will beat Hernandez & Chavo at the next PPV and then at BFG they will face Hardy & RVD.

Kaz & Daniels are 2 of the best wrestlers in the world and i do love the comedy side and i hope they keep that but are also featured more in a serious manner as well. I'm glad the whole claire thing is over and i wish the feud with AJ would be over too but i don't think it is yet unfortunately.