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Title: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: Adampro123 on 4 January 2012, 01:06:04 PM
- Thanks to Mandy for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Little Rock, Arkansas:

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Cody Rhodes retains the Intercontinental Title against Booker T in the opener. They had a lengthy match. Cody hit the Beautiful Disaster after blocking the axe kick for the win.

* Backstage segment with Cody and Dustin Rhodes. Cody says he is better than Goldust ever was and will be better than Dusty one day.

* Zack Ryder is backstage talking with Teddy Long and says he's too busy to work for Teddy. Drew McIntyre came in as did Santino Marella. Teddy makes Drew vs. Santino. Santino will be Teddy's new assistant if he wins and Drew will be fired. If Drew wins, Teddy might not fire him. Aksana appears at the end.

* Backstage segment with AJ Lee and Alicia Fox. Daniel Bryan comes in and they talk about his match against Big Show.

* Hornswoggle won an Over The Top Challenge against Heath Slater. Slater attacked Hornswoggle afterwards until Justin Gabriel made the save.

* Hunico beat Ted DiBiase.

* Wade Barrett comes out and talks about he will win the Royal Rumble while Randy Orton watches from home. Sheamus interrupts. After a verbal exchange, Jinder Mahal comes out. Barrett leaves and it is Mahal and Sheamis face to face. Mahal slaps Sheamus. A brawl ensues and it ends up two on one with Barrett and Mahal against Sheamus. Sheamus gets the edge briefly before Barrett takes over and leaves. Mahal then put the camel clutch on Sheamus.

* Santino Marella beat Drew McIntyre. Santino became the new assistant to the general manager with the win, while McIntyre's career on Smackdown is in jeopardy.

* A video is shown of the WWE '12 video game with Michael Cole beating up Daniel Bryan and winning the World Title.

* Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes) beat Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a non-title match. A good tag match, according to Terrence. The usual high flying from Air Boom. The Colons work well together. Epico got the pin after Evan missed AirBourne.

* Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal was announced for next week's show.

* Tamina beat Natalya. The match was one sided and The Warrior Princess picked up the win.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show by DQ in a World Hvt. Championship match. Mark Henry interfered for the DQ.

Looks like a pretty weak SD to me. but thats mainly because i really don't care about a lot of SD's Midcard guys like Slater,Hunico,Dibiase,Mahal,Primo and Epico. I would much rather see guys like Hawkins, Reks, Tyson Kidd, Trent Barreta and JTG

The Drew stuff is interesting. so is he fired now? guess we'll see. gotta wonder where this is going or if this is just WWe writing him off before releasing him or him not resigning with them.

Good that santino is now Teddys assistant because Santino should be on WWE TV every week and they seem to have a hard time finding him a spot a lot of the time.

Cody vs Booker should be good and i like that they might be building GD vs Cody at mania.

Main event ends with a run in so nothing special there.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: RyPrax on 4 January 2012, 03:47:59 PM
This show seems full of retardation.

The way they're treating Drew is a joke. It's one thing not to push him, it's another to publicly humiliate him for no reason. Santino being the assistant GM is good but why punish Drew in the process? I hate when WWE punishes their talent on the air for reasons we don't know.

Hornswoggle over Heath Slater? Really? I know Heath doesn't get much love here but I actually like him, and there's no reason to bury him like that. Slater vs. Gabriel... yawn.

Jinder Mahal going up against Sheamus. I'm so over this. Mahal is made to look like an idiot for 2 months now he's a legit threat to Sheamus. Sure.

Tamina burying Nattie... okay.

Main event... I get that you can't have Bryan beat Show clean, but still seems a little retarded to have two weak title finishes in the same week.

Good stuff:

- Cody vs. Booker should be great.
- I can't wait to see the WWE 12 mock up of Michael Cole beating Bryan  :2funny:
- Hunico continuing to get a slow push. Not sure why it's at the expense of Ted though.
- Tag match should be good, plus, Rosa belly dancing.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: J.D on 6 January 2012, 07:55:55 PM
This show was utter bullshit.

Okay so we started off well enough with Rhodes vs Booker T, obviously Booker has ring rust and the end was a little anti-climatic and it even seemed as if Cody whispered something in Booker's ear as he irish whipped him but overall this match was reasonable enough considering Booker's age and rust.
It also has given Rhodes even more of a push which I am all for  (Y)

Then we get some horseshit with Hornswoggle beating Heath Slater. So they book this guy as tag team champion multiple times then just treat him like an absolute dickhead. Hornswoggle is the worst thing to happen to WWE ever. Hornswoggle needs to fuck off. I hate the "little guy goes over the big guy" thing, especially when the little guy is an annoying dick.

McIntyre losing to Marrella is fucking awful. For one it is not remotely realistic. It just seems a pointless jab at Drew, yeah he might start having a winning streak but its not going to change the fact that Santino beat him.

Mahal came into the WWE looking like a threat and the guy has great presence and cuts great promo's but as Prax said he is not a threat to Sheamus at all.

Hunico over DiBiase I like despite the fact DiBiase has got better as of late. Perhaps DiBiase can win next week and the guys could have a proper, well thought out and well written feud to really establish them both.

The main event I actually enjoyed and it seems like Bryan could become a heel/coward champion. Shame the WWE can't book a small guy as being a face and legitimately winning yet they book Hornswoggle to beat Heath Slater and Santino to beat McIntyre. That is the stupidity of it.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: chappers on 7 January 2012, 01:14:05 AM
The main event I actually enjoyed and it seems like Bryan could become a heel/coward champion. Shame the WWE can't book a small guy as being a face and legitimately winning yet they book Hornswoggle to beat Heath Slater and Santino to beat McIntyre. That is the stupidity of it.
That is so true and tbh I kind of think that Bryan should remain face, we don't need anymore heels and his character isn't stale, bad move imo. And this isn't going to help him at all with Cole constantly squashing him on commentary ¬_¬. However I agree the main event was enjoyable and I found Mark Henry on commentary hilarious.

I really liked the Sheamus/Barrett interaction and would love them two to go at it come Mania, but then we had Mahal come down who I think Prax and Johnny Doe summed up well; the guy has potential but his credibility is worse then Santino.

Primo and Epico vs Air Boom, alright match but I can't help but feel that I really don't care, the tag team division is beyond a joke and I can see it, sadly, retiring in the near future. We have two tag teams fighting it out T_T.

Slater vs Hornswoggle is perhaps the most pointless thing going. I don't actually mind Slater, he has got some charisma and he's really good at selling moves, but he doesn't need this. The result is predictable and Hornswoggle is a twat.

McIntyre losing to Santino was rubbish, I was expecting a cheap victory on Santino's part since they played up on that last week with Jackson, but this was just stupid. Please push McIntyre, the guy has a lot going for him and has been held back for too long now.

As others have said though, this was a bad show which is a shame as the last 2 weeks or so WWE has been really good. I mean we have about 10 wrestlers getting on the show who should be on superstars (DiBiase, Mahal, Slater, Gabriel, Hornswoggle, Marella, Primo, Epico, Hunico, Commancho and Tamina), and the worst ones mostly won. The show had so many predictable results, I'm bored of Santino and Hornswoggle always winning; at least Santino has some redemption since he can be funny, Hornswoggle has absolutely no talent and is just a fucktard. Its terrible though and I agree with Adam that these wrestlers are crap in comparison to the likes of Kidd, Barretta, JTG, Hawkins, hell why did Chris Masters get sacked, he had more going for him then most of these guys. Its fucking stupid that Sheamus has had no storyline for about half a year, Barrett has mostly lingered around as well, aside from this Orton feud he's done nothing despite being one of the most natural guys on the mic in the WWE. McIntyre has only just got back on TV to look a joke, Christian is nowhere despite being a potential main eventer, Rhodes has been consistent but has mostly stayed in the same position, hell Bryan was mistreated up to a month ago as well. The Smackdown main event badly needs changing, keep Bryan in the main event but give some other guys a chance, even though Henry is entertaining on the mic I need a break from him in the main event, same with Big Show, the previous guys I mentioned are the ones I want to tune in and watch Smackdown for. Get that bloated ingrate dwarf off the TV. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the current writers of smackdown were the ones that came out with the same crap they did about a year or so ago with that terrible Tiger Woods joke.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: Adampro123 on 7 January 2012, 09:35:04 PM
I liked the start of the show with Booker and Cody a lot.

I like all the backstage segments a lot.

I liked the main event a lot. Looks like they might turn Bryan heel. i don't know if thats the right move or not especially with cole burying him and then if he's heel no one on commentary will back him up. but what i do know is last night i really enjoyed it and i also think this might set up Orton vs Bryan for the world title at mania which i would like to see.

I didn't like Sheamus/Barret/Mahal stuff.

I didn't like Dibiase vs Hunico. Hunico coming out with some guy riding him on a bicycle looks like a complete joke.

I didn't like Slater/Hornswoggle/Gabriel thing. Though its better than nothing really. these guys barely make it on the show and yeah i would like for them to be used better but at least they are being used unlike other guys like Tyson kidd, JTG, Reks, Hawkins and so on.

I didn't like the divas.

Mixed feeling on the Drew Mcintyre stuff. If they are going somewhere with it and giving him a push from it i like it if not and this is pointless i don't.  I've come to really enjoy Drew he just seems like a star to me and he has improved in every way it seems other than how they have used him. also im glad to see him on one of the main shows again and not just pointless stuff on superstars at least he has a storyline.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: J.D on 7 January 2012, 11:53:48 PM
The WWE are really weird in the sense that you have guys like John Morrison and Kofi Kingston who seem to consistently build themselves up till they teeter on the main event then they just fizzle and say stuck at the same level.
Then you have guys like Bryan who get absolutely humiliated (losing streak on NXT and being buried) who then just randomly win a world title. So Drew's losing storyline might work out for him but it doesn't stop the fact that losing to Marrella is fucking stupid if they plan to ever use him properly. I remember they made Sheamus lose to Marrella once, was just so stupid.
Title: Re: WWE Smackdown Taping Results - 1/6/12
Post by: RyPrax on 9 January 2012, 03:34:56 PM
I don't really understand why Daniel Bryan has to turn heel. It just seems so unnecessary. They don't need to turn him to justify him doing a couple slimy things to beat two bigger guys. And honestly, I don't really know why they didn't have Show tap, makes Bryan look like crap, despite how impressive it was that he got him in the hold. Enough with the shitty endings, no one gives a crap if someone loses cleanly once in a while.

That said, Henry on commentary telling everyone to shut up every 2 seconds was epic.

The rest of the show, as predicted, was not.