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Title: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: Adampro123 on 24 August 2011, 05:29:11 AM
Brett Hart entered the ring as the guest general manager of Smackdown. He spoke about the live Smackdown next Tuesday and said it was his decision. Sure, it was. He said Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton will take place on that show. Out came Christian, who said it was not his fault for losing at SummerSlam. He blamed Edge and said he couldn't concentrate during the SS match. Christian wants his rematch Tuesday on live SD.

Bret told Christian to stop being a crybaby. He said he's an embarrassment to the WWE Universe and to Canada. Yikes! He said he has to work his way back up. Christian called Bret an embarrassment and said he's the only relevant Canadian. Christian presented a court order to Bret that says he gets his rematch before anyone else gets a title shot. Bret gave it to him for next Tuesday and added that it will be in a steel cage match.

Mark Henry came out and said he's been here for 15 years. He said this is disrespect and that he earned his shot. He said someone's gonna get hurt. He wants the winner of the cage match. He was trying to bully Bret. Out comes Sheamus, who tells a story about how his uncle castrated a black bull. He is gonna do the same. He clears Henry from the ring.

They did a retake of Sheamus and Henry.

1. Christian defeated Daniel Bryan. Christian won with the Killswitch. An excellent match, just as you would expect from these two.

Wade Barrett came out for a match against a local wrestler. He said he is responsible for attacks on John Cena and others. He said he has shaken WWE to its very core (get it, Corre?). He says there is no way he will face this guy. He said it was an embarrassment and then left. That was the end of the segment. Seriously.

2. Sin Cara beat Heath Slater. There were a couple of botched moves and a quick roll up for the win. They had to reshoot the finish because it was so bad the first time. The kids love Sin Cara, though.

3. Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase (w/Cody Rhodes). Cody said he performs miracles and is resurrecting the Intercontinental Title. The paper bags were handed out. It was a nice match with lots of great spots. They had obvious chemistry with one another. Orton got the win with the RKO. Cody was pissed and hit CrossRhodes on DiBiase after the match. He put a bag on his head and their relationship appears to be finished.

4. Kelly Kelly beat Tamina. Kelly Kelly won with her new finisher.

Jinder Mahal was schooling The Great Khali and telling him he needs to take care of Ezekiel Jackson, which is coming up next.

Randy Orton vs. Christian in a cage match was officially advertised for the live Smackdown show.

5. Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Great Khali. Jackson broke out of the Vice Grip and put Khali in the Torture Rack. Impressive.

Randy Orton cut a promo on the big screen. He basically asked how many times he has to fight Christian.

6. Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater. They redid the match completely. No kidding. And, shockingly, it was way better the second time.

7. Sheamus defeated Mark Henry by countout. This was a slow plod. Sheamus scored the countout victory after throwing Henry into the announce table. Afterward, Henry killed Sheamus with the World's Strongest Slam onto the ring steps.

Well it looks like the old Sin Cara is back.lol. that's crazy they redid the whole match i wonder if they redid it with Hunico the 2nd time. I really don't know whats going on with the Mistico sin cara. Maybe it's this new mask or something? or not being able to communicate wth the other guy in the ring?

Brets a nice little surprise no mention of Zack Ryder though ): i guess he just gets to party with Kofi & Evan this week on TV.

Bryan loses again. I'm Kind of to the point where i don't even care. I'm sure the match will be really good.

Barret stuff sounds interesting but dosen't seem to have anyone to feud with. i thought for sure he would be getting a good push after SummerSlam.

It doesn't seem it really built anything going towards the PPV. so i guess I'll say what i said last week
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: RyPrax on 24 August 2011, 06:36:03 PM
Sounds like a weird SD, but looking forward to pretty much all those matches for one reason or another. Mistico returns and botches his match worse than ever *facepalm*. At what point do they do something to remedy this?
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: J.D on 24 August 2011, 08:14:00 PM
I said it from day one that Mistico was a botcher, right after his first match. Turns out I was right :P
But seriously why redo it? Just release Mistico and put Hunico as the new Sin Cara NEXT week. They could have done another match, redoing the same match is fucking stupid. I can't remember the last time that happened that wasn't kayfabe (or even if it has.)

Mistico= shit. He attempts all these high risk moves but he isn't good enough to pull them off every time. Or perhaps the other wrestlers just can't adapt to his style or follow with his moves. Whatever the answer is he needs to go. I much prefer the Hunico Sin Cara anyway.
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: RyPrax on 25 August 2011, 12:58:58 AM
I'm sure it's more a communication issue or a sight issue with the mask. From every report before he signed he was great down there. So it's weird. That said they've redone matches before on SD, or at least had them come back out to redo endings, but that's definitely embarrassing.
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: J.D on 26 August 2011, 04:43:36 PM
Well I found this SD inaccessible and terrible. SD is usually the better show but this week it was horseshit. Don't really know what happened.
But seems like Christian is back in the main event and Henry is back to feuding with Sheamus so perhaps some of the writers didn't think Henry was ready for it? As for the IC division I would imagine DiBiase to begin feuding with Rhodes and possibly eventually take the title off him so DiBiase gets back where he needs to be and Rhodes can go on to bigger and better things (but before that happens want to see a nice reign for Rhodes.)
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: Adampro123 on 27 August 2011, 07:12:12 AM
The good:

Christian vs Danile Bryan
Ted Dibiase vs Randy Orton
Wade Barret promo type deal.

The Bad:(maybe not Bad but not so good)

Sheamus vs Henry
Sin Cara vs Heath Slater

The Ugly:

Jackson vs Kahli.
Bret harts mic work
Commentary (though not as bad as normal)

Overall i didn't hate the show but i was able to skip some parts and didn't all watch it together so if i had to sit for 2 hours i probably would have.

No real progression for anyone besides maybe a Rhodes/Dibiase feud starting and i guess a Jackson/Kahli thing tho I'm not thrilled about that.

Really liked Dibiase vs Orton and Bryan vs Christian. both Bryan and Dibiase looked good in those matches and Orton and Christian both got win not that orton needed it but still i liked it.

Seems like this show was more to promote next weeks live "super smackdown" where raw guys will actually get to be on Sd.....just like almost every week now.... O0
Title: Re: Smackdown Spoilers 8-26-11
Post by: RyPrax on 27 August 2011, 10:37:53 PM
I actually really liked Sheamus vs Henry. Maybe not the actual match but the post-match stuff was amazing. I loved how they kept going after each other until Henry finally got the upper hand. Dunno where they're going with Sheamus after this but I would really like the title match at NOC to be a Fatal Four Way.

Bryan/Christian  was great too. Missed a lot of the stuff in the middle but I'm not upset that I did.