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Title: Gunner and Crimson seem to be TNAs future... Thoughts?
Post by: Adampro123 on 6 August 2011, 08:41:05 PM
It seems the 2 guys TNA is pushing the most right now that are somewhat new are Gunner and Crimson. What are your thoughts on these 2 guys and do you think they are the right guys to be pushed?


Crimson has a pretty good look, i can see him being marketed, he's got this unbeaten thing going right now which can turn a lot of people against you especially when you're supposed to be face. Problem with him though is he has no mic skills from what i seen and he isn't that great in the ring, which would be ok if he was Goldberg or Lesnar or even Joe but let's face it.... He's none of those guys. he doesn't have the intensity and i don't know just doesn't seem to be as badass or seem to care. MAybe something good can come out of him but i just don't think he's too great and i don't think he should be TNA's future.


I wish i could say better about Gunner but i can't, he started as a security guard for Main event Mafia and him and Murphy would job all the time, then he was Immortals but with Murphy as there security guys who jobbed a lot after that they weeded out Murphy and Rob Terry and made Gunner TV Champion, sooner after he lost to Eric Young then just started Pinning guys like Sting, Anderson, AJ Styles and RVD in the Main events of Impact. didn't even really build up or anything. in the ring the guy seems okay but nothing great. he does seem to have the intensity Crimson lacks but however doesn't have the look, he looks to me like some Redneck white trash that would probably be working on your car or doing your roof. and mic skills? haven't really heard anything from him either.

So Needless to say after that i don't see the future in these 2 guys like TNA seems to, but they do both have some good parts to them. There is just better guys they should be pushing instead of these guys on the roster and off the roster they should try to sign.
Title: Re: Gunner and Crimson seem to be TNAs future... Thoughts?
Post by: Majin HoHo on 19 August 2011, 11:51:14 PM
I'm not sure about Gunner yet next week hopefully no BS run ins Crimson and Angle blow the roof off.Angle will make Crimson look great and it might be a preview title match later.I see the fire in the eyes of Crimson he wants to be the best and I like his potential in TNA.
Title: Re: Gunner and Crimson seem to be TNAs future... Thoughts?
Post by: Leonardo Lunchbox on 20 August 2011, 05:59:57 AM
If these guys are the future the future is really bleak. Both of these men look like randomly generated create a wrestlers from Smackdown Vs RAW.  Both there wrestling skills are pretty subpar which doesn't help when trying to push that "Wrestling Matters". Honestly this just shows that TNA has no idea how to make up there own stars. This is the huge problem with them hiring ex-WWE talent. Every single time it came time to legitimately pull the trigger on a push they signed a WWE star and pushed him to the moon since they came in with a built in fan base. Take Monty Brown for example, they spent the time and effort making him into a main eventer and the time came to give him his title shot against Jarrett than they sign Christian Cage which leads to Brown's push being halted and him siding with Jarrett for some reason.

TNA doesn't realize that you can't have a guy just show up and win over the crowd because he wins alot, in fact thats why the WWE audience can't stand John Cena. It might have worked for Goldberg but he was a former NFL Linebacker and build like a fucking bulldozer. And in Gunners case he was a random jobber 4 months ago. The best idea would have been to form a tag team and build both of them up which would mask there weaknesses in the ring and easily get the crowd behind them.
Title: Re: Gunner and Crimson seem to be TNAs future... Thoughts?
Post by: Majin HoHo on 20 August 2011, 08:41:04 PM
Honestly Crimson winning all the time does piss me off a little but I think the fans are slowly getting behind Crimson.I think in Wrestling if you respect  the business and give everything you have every night you have a future.If your ego controls you like it Goldberg after he won the World Title you won't last long!