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Title: -Spoilers- TNA Taping Results Airing 17th February
Post by: AngryCaz on 15 February 2011, 08:00:05 PM
TNA Impact Airing Thursday at 9pm on SpikeTV.

Immortal comes down to the ring. Eric Bischoff was great trying to go after some fans at ringside who had a sign that said "Epic Fail". Eric brought out Jeff Hardy the new TNA Champion. Eric said how great it was that Jeff was champion. Eric said that first thing Monday morning he got a call from Spike. He said the network wanted Rob Van Dam to face Hardy tonight for the title. He said Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett will walk down the isle in two weeks and Hulk Hogan will be back. Eric wonders where Ric's been the past few weeks. Ric Flair comes down to the ring. Flair says he does what he wants not what others tell him to do. He says hes a wrestling god. The fans chant "God". Flair says God is going and leaves the ring. He sees a young blonde with a red dress in the front row and says he will see her later tonight in his hotel room. The girl looked really embarrassed. Fans chant "God" as Flair left.

Douglas Williams starts walking down to the ring, as he walked to the ring Hernandez followed by Sarita & Rosita ran down and attacked him from behind. He threw him into the ring.

Douglas Williams vs Hernandez w/ Sarita & Rosita. Ref Andrew Thomas. Hernendez choked Douglas with something. Velevet Sky ran down to the ring and attacked Sarita & Rosita but was double teamed until Angelina Love ran down and they fought ringside for a bit then fought backstage. Hernandez hit a nasty looking Border Toss where Douglas landed right on his head. The fans gasped. Hernandez pinned him for the win. Thomas checked on Douglas and Brian Hebner and two trainers came down to the ring. After a bought 2 minutes Douglas sat up and was laughing. He left on his own feet holding his neck.

TNA members like the night before wiped the ring with towels and spray after every match. They then set up a Tiki type deal. With two Tiki heads on the camera side turnbuckles, a Hulu type skirt on a table and a roasted pig on the table with two knives in it. As they set this up JB and So Cal kept everyone entertained throwing out DVDs to the fans.

D'Angelo Dinero came down to the ring. He had his money fall from the sky again. Dinero got in the ring. Fans chant You tapped out. Dinero laughs and says yes he did. Dinero said "last night" he caught a giant pig. He said here on the table is a sloppy Joe from "last night". He says he wants to share it with all of us, but for a price. Samoa Joe comes down to the ring and Okada comes from the crowd and stands on the apron. Dinero tries to bail but does not see Okada and gets a kick to the chest. Samoa beats Dinero up and hits a muscle buster on Dinero through the table on the pig. Okada hands Samoa an apple and Samoa jams it in Dinero's mouth. Samoa & Okada leave. Security comes to the ring and Dinero spits the apple out. Security helps him up and Dinero's entire left arm is covered in Pig goo. JB goes to ringside and takes a picture of Dinero with his cell.

TNA Members then had to take down the ring apron and put a new apron on. As they did this JB & So Cal Val threw out DVDs to the crowd. JB said if we cheer loud enough every single person will get a DVD when they leave. Earl Hebner was below the commentary booth to watch the next match. JB told us we would see the X-Title rematch next. JB asked if there was anybody from New Jersey here tonight.

Robbie E w/ Cookie vs Kazarian. TNA X-Division Championship Title Match. Ref Jackson James. Robbie says he is not in a good mood tonight because of what happened at the PPV. He says he is GTW, Gym Tan, Wrestle. He says he was ready to wrestle with two guys not just one guy. Cookie says her catchphrase. I left to the bathroom. When I came back, Cookie came running down to the ring so she must have left or was ejected by James. Cookie was carrying a silver purse and clocked Kazarian with it causing a DQ win for Kaz. Robbie attacked Kaz more and then Cookie got on top of Kazarian and was slapping him. Cookie & Robbie celebrated laying Kaz out and Traci Brooks runs down to the ring! Traci tackles Cookie and starts beating her up. Robbie & Kaz pull the girls apart. Kaz holds Traci back in the corner. Kaz & Traci hold hands and kiss. They stare down Robbie & Cookie who are on the stage. Traci & Kaz leave hand in hand. Fans chanted "Welcome back"

Backstage: We see Ric Flair go into Fortune's locker room they talk and hug. Flair ice's them. They all drink and Storm grabs a second for himself.

Matt Hardy vs A.J. Styles. Ref Brian Hebner. AJ did his old style entrance where he walks through the sparks as they fall. AJ runs to the ring and the match is on. AJ looked great in the ring. He looked really impressive with Matt. Matt was outside of the ring and AJ ran and jumped out of the ring onto Matt. Fans were going crazy for AJ. Ric Flair comes down to ringside cheering AJ on. As AJ climbed to the top rope. Matt held onto Hebner and Flair pushed AJ off the top rope. Matt wins with the twist of fate. Flair gets in the ring and Matt & Flair start stomping away on AJ. The rest of Fortune comes running down to the ring. Flair & Matt bail out through the crowd. Fortune stares them down looking really angry.

Mr. Anderson comes quickly down to the ring. Anderson says he is really angry. Anderson calls out Eric and tells him he better get to the ring right away. Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring. They are face to face as Anderson yells at him. Anderson says why does RVD get the title match when it should be him. Eric says that Anderson lost and Hardy was the better man that's why he is champion. Anderson says the network wanted RVD. Eric says the network likes things PG and Anderson does not fit into that. Anderson says they don't like him saying asshole. Anderson says he is a asshole. Anderson says the fans are assholes. Anderson says he wont say asshole anymore, no more asshole. Fans chant for Anderson not to stop. Eric says he will put Anderson in the main event….as the special guest referee. Eric wants to shake hands they do and Anderson smiles then lays out Eric.

Earl Hebner comes down to the ring and makes faces again with the fans and gives everyone a woo. Earl fixes one of the tag ropes.

The Beautiful People vs Sarita & Rosita. Ref Earl Hebner. Velvet & Sarita worked most of the match. In the finsh all hell broke loose with Angelina being knocked down outside of the ring. Sarita pins Velvet with Rosita outside of the ring with Sarita's feet on the ropes and Rosita helping hold Sarita's feet. Velvet says she is always about to beat Sarita when Sarita pulls something to get the win. Velvet wants Sarita one on one with no interference or anything else. Sarita says Velvet loses and always will as she is a loser. Sarita wants to make it special so their next match will have Velvet's career on the line so then she will win and Velvet would have wrestled her final match. The Beautiful People left together and posed to the fans on the stage.

JB & So Cal threw out more DVDs. They then plugged some TNA shop stuff and JB said since we have been good their gonna have Beer Money sign autographs at ringside and Kaz in the ring for $20. They went to throw out a Taz shirt and JB had Taz sign it and throw it to the fans. JB talked to two people who's birthday it was today and gave them stugg. JB had So Cal Val go backstage for Ric Flair to sign a shirt to give to a fan. JB talked about if there were any couples here today and gave a couple a special gift. They threw out more DVDs. This part here was for about 15-20 minutes.

JB said they are taking Impact on the road next week but they will be back in Orlando for the PPV and to tape more TV. JB pointed out Jason Hervey standing below the commentators table.

Taz & Tenay were talking to the camera when Bully Ray came out to them. Bully smacked the headset off Tenay and he and Taz exchanged words. JB & So Cal kept motioned to the fans to boo Bully Ray.

JB said he just got word from backstage that tommrow night it's going to be Ric Flair vs A.J. Styles. JB told us after the main event for Thursday we will have two Xplosion matchs with Eric Young & Orlando Jordan back together.

Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy(TNA Champion). TNA Championship Title Match. Special Guest Referee Mr. Anderson. Anderson did his normal entrance. Jeff had a special entrance where three TNA members held up a white board made of paper and a fog machine surrounded them and Jeff Hardy broke through it(like in some high school football games where the team breaks through the banner) and came down to the ring. Hardy & RVD had a great back & forth match. Really awesome match. With some near falls. Hardy flipped off the fans and spit into the air. Hardy hit the twist of fate but RVD kicked out and Hardy got in Anderson's face. RVD hit the frog splash but Hardy put his foot on the rope before the 3 count. RVD questioned Anderson. RVD grabbed Hardy and they together went towards Anderson but he moved. They did it again where RVD grabbed Hardy and this time Anderson did not move out of the way and he instead jumped up onto the top turnbuckle. Anderson gave an angry look at Hardy, and Hardy turned around and hit RVD with a twist of fate for the win. Anderson starred down Hardy and then raised his hand then laid him out with the mic check. RVD yelled at Anderson "What was that" and Anderson layed him out with the mic check. Anderson stormed out of the ring and to the back. Hardy's music played and RVD talked with some fans.

Some interesting stuff going on. Hernandez being paired up with Sarita and Rosita is strange, but considering he's working the pro-hispanic gimmick it makes sense. Flair vs. AJ should be interesting, surprised that AJ lost to Matt. Never been a fan of Traci Brooks, so I'm indifferent about her returning.